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Wednesday July 22, 2015
Canada has seen a lot of great bike companies emerge over the past two decades, from small builders through to some of the best-known names in the sport. Add to this list the Aquila marquee, based out of Toronto. We took their brand-new Equipe-R for an extended riding and racing test, and found a bike that is light, responsive, and balanced.
Tuesday June 1, 2010
Roadside St. 7: Maybe I don't have the words, perhaps it needs one of the old time journos, a JB Wadley or a Marcel de Leener - they could express things in the terms required for an epic such as this. But at the same time, whilst the organizers have created a grand spectacle, a saga out of Norse Legend, is it still sport? Does it go beyond that to sadism or freak show?
Wednesday May 19, 2010
Roadside St. 11: "Surreal" is a word that's over used by journalists, but for the two of us to be standing in the cold rain beside the wet tarmac of the Capo di Valle climb on stage 11 of this Giro watching the favorites lose 15 minutes with not a fan in sight, the thunder roaring above us, the smell of the mountain herbs in our nostrils - I can't think of a better word…