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Saturday April 16, 2016
Twenty years before the multi-million pound Sky Team rode the WorldTour, there was another 'ground breaking' British team that took on the Continentals in their own back-yard. The ANC team had its eventual problems, but it showed what was possible. One high point was Malcolm Elliott's 3rd place in the 1987 Amstel Gold Race.
Friday April 17, 2015
This Saturday in Valkenburg Holland runs maybe the largest cyclo-sportif event associated with any European Classic – the Amstel Gold Cylcosportif. I was lucky enough to join the 18,000 plus throng, and it was quite a day.
Friday April 15, 2011
In Italy the Classics have beautiful names; ‘Primavera’ and ‘Race of the Falling Leaves’ – in France they simply name them after places, Tours, Paris, Roubaix – in Belgium it’s newspapers and road numbers, Het Nieuwsblad and E3. But in Holland, its beer – you have to respect that. Amstel Gold gives its name to one of the youngest and trickiest of all the Classics – it used to be the last of the Spring Classics but declining interest in the race lead to a re-jig of the calendar and now it’s the opener of the three ‘Ardennes’ races.
Saturday April 18, 2009
The Dutch are pretty protective of their only classic - the Amstel Gold Race - of the first 21 editions the home nation took 11 wins. But in 1987 it took three of Holland’s finest riders to stop a handsome, blond 25-year-old from Sheffield taking the honours across the North Sea to England.
Monday April 21, 2008
Sometimes the Amstel Gold is dismissed as a minor Classic because it hasn't been around that long. But if you believe that, you need a reality check: brutal course, strong winners, passionate fans and run off in beautiful Limburg. This a real, strongman's event, and Pez set off in hot pursuit for all the roadside action…
Tuesday April 15, 2008
The Amstel Gold Race signals the start of the Ardennes Classics, and the first signs of who's looking good for the Giro. Raced over the hills, dales, and forests of south eastern Holland, the course selects its own worthy winner. A dozen years ago it was Mauro Gianetti who was making the news.
Friday April 14, 2006
The Amstel Gold race is distinctive for three reasons: it’s the youngest of the north Classics at only 41 years, it’s named after a sponsor instead of start/finish towns, and it’s got 31 tough hills. PEZ pre-rode the course, and it’s a good thing that sponsor is a beer company…
Friday April 14, 2006
The winner of Paris-Roubaix is assured of a place in the main pages of the cycling history books. The winner of the Amstel Gold Race isn’t. Why ? It’s a great race, with its steep short slopes and narrow roads, and has delivered winners like Merckx, Hinault, Maertens, Knetemann, Zoetemelk, ...