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  • Monday January 19, 2015


    Cannondale’s Super X, SRAM’s CX1 group, American Classic’s Hurricane Disc wheels and Ergon CF3 post / SRX saddle all landed within a short period of time… Cue a mad scramble for tires, bar, stem and you wind up with an exceptionally smooth cross bike that removes any thoughts about shifting...

  • Friday November 21, 2014


    Awesome deals on some awesome wheels at the American Classic website - check out their Black Friday sale on now. Carbon C38 clinchers for $899, 420 Aero's for $699, plus 26" & 29" mtb wheels too.

  • Tuesday July 29, 2014


    I was deep in the Vosges mountains at the 2014 Tour when the winner's bell rang for the set of American Classic's C58 carbon clincher wheels... Congratulations to Ty Brewer of Texas - long time PEZ-fan but first time winner!

  • Wednesday June 4, 2014


    As part of our special look at tubeless wheels today we thought it would be a good time to repost one of our most popular tech stories of all time - PEZ's look at American Classic Tubeless wheels. Almost two years since it was published, this story still gets big reads and fan mail every day.

  • Monday May 20, 2013


    A quality carbon wheelset at a decent price that's aerodynamic, spins up easily, is strong enough to withstand daily use across any terrain and looks good. Does it really exist? American Classic have an answer with their latest clincher wheel, the Carbon 38.

  • Friday July 8, 2011


    American Classic roll out updated hubs and spoke pattern, a stiffer new rim and keep all the practicality that AC's known for over the years. We get a chance to put the new Carbon 38's to the road...

  • Thursday August 13, 2009

    OK so "Fat Americans" is pretty much the opposite of the people that operate American Classic (in fact I've had a cheeseburger with more fat on it than Bill and Ellen), but fat does fit the bill describing the "beefing up" of the products as they've completely retooled their product line. Here's a set of their 58mm deep Carbon clinchers...

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