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  • Saturday July 26, 2014


    Roadside St.20: The 2014 Tour de France's only time trial was a long 54km last chance for riders hoping to climb or defend the gc positions. But getting there is half the fun, so PEZ spent the morning down in Bergerac checking out the latest tt rigs before heading onto the parcours.

  • Monday May 26, 2014


    While Mario Cipollini’s bicycle brand has been proving itself at the ProTour level of racing for a few years now, they've only recently taken aim at the US market by signing Florida-based Speedbrands LLC as the new US distributor – who offered us a ride on Team Farnese Vino’s Francesco Chicchi’s personal 2013 race bike – the RB1000.

  • Friday January 3, 2014


    The State of California is home to an impressive 1 out of every 8 Americans but an even more impressive - 2 out of 2 readers in today's Readers' Rigs! These two readers have two very different bikes but one very big thing in common - a pure love for their machine.

  • Saturday December 28, 2013


    When deciding our favorite stories for 2013, we couldn't pass up all the gorgeous bikes we saw at Eurobike. The combination of new technology and latest designs in cycling all under the one roof is a bike lover's paradise. Let's take another look at some very drool worthy machines.

  • Monday November 11, 2013


    The 2013 Interbike cycling trade show is long over but this is Pez... And true bike geeks very simply can just keep geeking out on gear for a virtual eternity... here's Ritchey’s Logical new bits, De Marchi’s old and new school and Felt’s new Aero solution.

  • Friday August 30, 2013


    Bike Review: What's a Mathot I hear you ask? It's a boutique brand from Luxembourg and the Pallium is their flagship model, an aero styled, light and well equipped bike - but is it any good? PEZ hit the roads of France for 1 month aboard the Pallium to find out.

  • Wednesday August 14, 2013


    I first saw a Trek Domane at the 2012 Tour of Flanders Sportif ride. Somewhere into the second half of my 6 h 30 min day on the 140km circuit, we hooked up with a Swedish journo riding one of the very first production models. The bike looked really different, and something that I was eager to try out for myself. Fast forward to summer 2013 and I've now logged some miles on this machine and can confirm it's 'different' staus - but in a good way!

  • Wednesday June 12, 2013


    PEZ TECH: Old world Lugs and stainless steel wrapped around custom electronic shifting, prototype cranks and more. This project is the result of a murderer’s row of talent (and me) taking a swing at old-meets-new…

  • Tuesday April 30, 2013


    Buying any bike is a statement, but paying $1,300 for a custom made, aluminum Rock Lobster is a Statement. Whether you like it or not, it says that you value performance and value over aesthetics and the current group-think. It's a pretty bold territory to stake – there are good reasons why there are such few inhabitants. PEZ rides one for a month to see how well it lives there.

  • Sunday January 20, 2013

    The VeloVie Vitesse 400 in all its glory.

    VeloVie have been producing their stiff, solid 300r for a few years now and decided to up the ante by dropping weight, changing geometry and adding a touch of smoothness with the new Vitesse 400.

  • Tuesday December 4, 2012


    About two years ago, new brand Volagi was one of the first to launch a bike designed specifically for fast and less fatiguing long distance riding – and one of the nicest looking frame designs to boot. I’ve had one on long term test, and their refinements for 2013 should make the bike even better than the quality ride they’ve already built.

  • Saturday August 4, 2012

    While most makers of carbon bike fames have been building super-light and super-stiff frame sets in recent years, not many have taken up the challenge to create a road frame that is also more aerodynamic. Scott’s FOIL was one of the first to combine all three.

  • Thursday December 23, 2010


    The NeilPryde Alize is one of two new road bikes launched by the company as famous to windsurfers as it is unknown to cyclists. But this surprise entry to the world of road bikes is an even bigger surprise by how well it’s designed, built and rides…

  • Tuesday June 22, 2010

    Cannondale have enjoyed the Giro A LOT this past decade. Always happy to prove their metal, this time they went black to go for the Pink, using their full carbon Super Six. Here is a closer look.

  • Sunday August 2, 2009

    Websters calls it “something spiral in form”, Lynskey calls it their stiffest race bike yet, and I say it’s one sweet ride. With sexy shaped titanium tubes, an artist’s finish, and my own custom build up, this is bike is way more than the sum of its parts…

  • Wednesday September 17, 2008

    Trek has redesigned and relaunched their inhouse Project One build-to-order program, allowing customers to individually spec and color one-off Madones online, and take delivery just days later. When they asked if I wanted to be the first through the new program… well I never say no to a client…

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