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Thanks to Mitsubishi technology, Crossover lands in pro cycling
Lampre Merida Team f_chiari We’re introducing an agreement that connects two important names adds a originality in professional cycling world.
In 2014, Team LAMPRE-MERIDA and Mitsubishi Motors Automobili Italia join forces for facing a new challenge: open a new way in the quality and typology of team cars.

That’s why the team chose a category of cars that is establishing more and more: the crossovers.
And that’s why LAMPRE-MERIDA decided to address its attention to the Company that invented the 4×4 and that can boast technological resources for what concerns the 4×4 gear and the engines, that can mix the power to the limited consumption and emissions.

So, for the first time in cycling, the riders from Team LAMPRE-MERIDA will be followed by Mitsubishi Outlander, top category Crossover with large space and 2,2 engines that are characterized by low consumptions.
The cars sizes fully respect the ones provided for the UCI rules.

LAMPRE-MERIDA is, once again, pioneer in the cycling world and it confirms the skill to face new challenges for what concerns the sport side and the organizational one.
Mitsubishi Motors took the opportunity to strengthen its belief and its placement: by providing these cars, that are ready to face the any difficulty of the races, the Japanese company demonstrates once again that Mitsubishi’s products are “MADE IN TECHNOLOGY”.

Brent Copeland, team manager from LAMPRE-MERIDA, comments the agreement: “We’d like to thank Mitsubishi Motors for the opportunity given to the team: resistant, versatile, spacious and safe cars are what the a pro team needs, so for us it’s great to use Mitsubishi auto vehicles.
Each year, a car covers more than 40.000 km, so it’s important that it is reliable: Outlander will allow us to travel Europe without any kind of problem.
An additional plus is the care Mitsubishi has for the environment: the low emissions embrace in a perfect way the ecological calling of the cycling”.

Bruno Vicino, sport director, points out that: “During races, team cars face extreme conditions, so we need sure feedbacks by the vehicles.
Outlander allows us to travel during races in full safety and aware that we can rely on a car that is ready to face long climbs or steep downhills.
In addition, the spacious cockpit gives to the team staff to load the car with everything the cyclists could need during the race”.

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