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Private: AMClassic Argent Wheels: The Winner!
argent13-650bBig congratulations to PEZ-Fan Matt Dow of Tulsa OK – who got home a little early from work to spend some time with his kids, and found out he’d won the American Classic Argent Road Tubeless wheelset – not a bad way to round out a workday!

Matt’s been a PEZ-Fan for longer than he could remember, and as luck would have it, has been eyeing up replacing his old wheelset for some time. And even though he’s into cross season and a little more mtb right now – I suspect he’ll be logging a few more road miles before the winter closes in.

Thanks to everyone who entered, and stay tuned for next week’s contest on PEZ when we give away some very cool after-bike apparel from Club Ride.

• Read the full ARGENT review here.


American Classic’s Argent wheelset has been getting a lot of attention, not just because they’re “lightweight, reliable, quick to accelerate and well engineered and constructed” (to borrow a line from our recent review), but also because they are designed for tubeless tires.

And YES – they work perfectly fine with traditional tires and tubes too, but the kicker is that AMClassic’s founder and design brain Bill Shook, has designed a wheel that doesn’t compromise either choice.

The pair weighs an impressive 1375 grams, and are priced at an even more impressive $1449.00. You know you want these wheels.

We reviewed this latest addition to American Classic’s lineup, and here’s what our reviewer Chris Selden said:

“If you’re looking for a pair of lightweight, strong and reliable clincher wheels the Argents could be a surprising choice. Run them as clinchers, run them as tubeless – your options are open and that’s one of the great things about the Argents – their versatility. Not only are they versatile in terms of tire choice but they are also versatile in their performance. They’re not just a lightweight climber’s wheel, but also perform admirably on the flats at high speeds. Although not as stiff as some of the deep dishes carbon rims I’ve used, for an aluminum rim with a low spoke count and weight, the stiffness in cornering and accelerations was direct and I could easily use these wheels for criteriums.”



• See more at the American Classic Website.
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