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ARTICLES BY Alessandro Federico
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  • Tuesday March 25, 2014


    Roadside Report: After the snow of last year's race chase, this year saw our man Alessandro deal with the cold, driving rain and wind. Still he wouldn't have dreamed of being anywhere else on Sunday but chasing the great Primavera again, roadside with friends for a perfect day out.

  • Saturday March 22, 2014


    Our Italian race chaser Alessandro simply has bike racing pulsing through his veins. He was born on the Tirreno and now lives on the Adriatic so when the Tirreno-Adriatco came into his region this past week he couldn't help but skip work and travel to see the race. Just one last roadside warmup for him before his first true love, Sunday's Milan Sanremo.

  • Tuesday March 11, 2014


    Roadside Report: Being roadside at the Strade Bianche is one of the best cycling spectating experiences you could possibly do. Our man in Italy Alessandro is an expert of the gravel roads of Tuscany and today he takes us inside his day out at Saturday's big race from what is arguably the Pro Cycling Calendar’s prettiest race of the year.

  • Wednesday March 5, 2014


    COURSE PREVIEW: The 2014 Strade Bianche race on the famous gravel roads of Tuscany features some new sectors of Chianti's answer to the Belgian cobbles. PEZ joined ex-pro Diego Caccia to ride the new gravel sections, take in the Tuscan countryside, and log a perfect day away from work.

  • Friday February 14, 2014


    February 14th takes on a very different meaning for fans of pro cycling with this year marking ten years since Marco Pantani’s tragic death. But in 1998, Il Pirata was at the top – winning the rare Giro – Tour double. Ale Federico set out from Genoa on his new moto to see the race for himself, and recorded the odyssey in his personal diary…

  • Thursday January 9, 2014


    Course Preview: The 2014 Milan-Sanremo will for the fourth time break with tradition by adding the new Pompeiana climb in the jagged end of the 300km route. The addition makes pro cycling's longest Classic even tougher, and hopes to spoil the sprinters' dreams. PEZ takes the first look.

  • Sunday December 8, 2013


    The snow stopped the 2013 Milan-San Remo in Ovada, just before the too dangerous to ride Passo Turchino. The timeclock halted, and the entire proceeding transferred by bus and cars to Cogoleto to restart where thankfully the weather conditions had upgraded from atrocious to just plain terrible. It's La Primavera and there's nothing quite like it - no matter what the conditions!

  • Saturday December 7, 2013


    ROADSIDE: One of the most impressive performances of the season was that of the 135 riders who survived the rain, snow and extreme cold at the 2013 Milan-San Remo. Kudos also to the officials, journos and spectators who braved the horrendous conditions like our man Alessandro who was there roadside to capture all the action of this crazy day.

  • Monday October 14, 2013


    Roadside Report: The last roadside chase of the year was on this weekend for PEZ as our Italian reporter Alessandro hit the roads of the Emilia region to chase the climber's semi-classic, the 2013 Giro dell'Emilia. The beauty of the surrounds and the tough final climb were all captured by Alessandro as he chased just his second race this year where it didn't snow or rain!

  • Friday October 11, 2013


    The Giro dell'Emilia is always one of our favorite races of the year here at Pez. The amazing finish past the famous arches, the relentless finishing climb and the sights, sounds and atmosphere of this race make it truly one of a kind. Today our man in Italy, Ale is on the road in Italy battling the traffic and crowds chasing this year's race so what better time than now to sit down and take a look at last year's action.

  • Monday October 7, 2013


    Roadside: Our Italian photographer Ale has battled the worst of the weather at nearly every assignment we've sent him on this year; Tirreno, Milan San Remo, the Giro and the wet Worlds so what's one more day in the rain? Despite the weather Ale wouldn't have missed the 2013 Giro di Lombardia for anything . . .

  • Sunday September 29, 2013


    Our Italian photographer Alessandro wasn't scheduled for duty at this year's World Cycling Championships, but the lure of his home country race was too strong to keep him away from Toscana. What greeted him was some terrible weather but also a day of unforgettable memories roadside in Firenze.

  • Saturday June 15, 2013


    The Giro is over but never far from our minds or hearts. We filed so many stories this year that a couple still haven't been posted. Here's Alessandro's report from his day chasing the tough stage to Pescara that saw Adam Hansen light up the break at the start.

  • Sunday May 19, 2013


    ROADSIDE St.15: We can’t stay without bad weather at the Giro 2013, so a storm of snow just hit us when the race passed at 3km to the finish where me and my friend Salvo waited for the maglia rosa. But a part of that the day has been fantastic with perfect weather and the snow moment just added an epic touch.

  • Saturday May 18, 2013


    Roadside St.14: After freezing his way through Milan San Remo earlier in the year our roadside expert Alessandro thought he'd seen the last of snowy bike races for the year - was he ever wrong! We sent him out again into the snow and rain today and he'll be out there again tomorrow for the shortened stage into France - It's a springtime snowy roadside special!

  • Monday May 13, 2013


    ROADSIDE St.9: Sunday's difficult stage in the rain was time for our two Italian roadside photographers to part ways until next time but before they did there was a stage to cover -and what a stage it was! Hills, rain, GC changes and a superb solo break.

  • Saturday May 11, 2013


    ROADSIDE St.9: As a follower of pro races for some 20 years now, our Italian reporter Alessandro Federico has seen a lot of racing all over the world. Nothing quite feels the same though as when his favorite GrandTour of the year comes right through his home region! It's time for a special backyard edition of Alessandro's Giro di Pez.

  • Tuesday April 2, 2013


    Our Italian roadside expert Alessandro has seen many Milan Sanremos but nothing could prepare him for the wild weather of the 2013 Primavera. Snow, ice and logistic changes en route - here's Ale's view from a very cold roadside at La Primavera.

  • Tuesday April 2, 2013


    The 209km penultimate stage at Tirreno with its short, steep climbs and almost 10,000 ft of climbing proved to much for most of the field and for the GC leader Chris Froome. PEZ's Alessandro Federico was there roadside to capture all the action and soak up the atmosphere at this mammoth day.

  • Tuesday April 2, 2013


    Our man in Italy Alessandro is back in his element on the picturesque roads of Tuscany as he chased the Strade Bianche on Saturday. Here's a look at his day in his unique Italian style from one of the most beautiful races of the year.

ARTICLES BY Alessandro Federico
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