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  • Friday July 5, 2013


    The uphill time trial open to everyone organized to mark the 2nd stage of the Tour de Pologne UCI World Tour, Marilleva/Val di Sole - Passo Pordoi.

  • Friday May 9, 2014


    Thanks to a new initiative by Area Zero D’Amico, every cycling enthusiast will get the chance to enjoy a truly special experience. Have you ever considered spending the holiday of your dreams in one of the most exclusive tourist destinations in the Alps, surrounded by nature and combining relaxation with your intense passion for cycling?

  • Tuesday December 9, 2003

    Some of the biggest names from US cycling are donating their time to put on a training camp that will benefit the Eddie B Relief Fund. The idea was started by Greg Lemond, and soon after joined by riders like Steve Hegg, Harvey Nitz, Roy Knickman and many more.

  • Tuesday August 12, 2003

    Sunday school is where some learn from the Book of Paul. But the past couple of weekends, the peloton has been schooled big-time in the Book of Paolo. What can we learn physically and psychologically from the best racer on the planet?

  • Monday February 24, 2003

    Welcome back to the latest installment of “Being John Crowley,” (you can insert your own name here) the game we can all play at home as we build a trainig program for a real rdier with a real life. When we last left our hero…

  • Monday October 7, 2013


    The extraordinary success of British Cycling in 2012 has made it “another bumper year” British Cycling’s Chief Executive said today, as the sports governing body announced that its membership has reached 80,000 for the first time with over 40% year on year growth.

  • Saturday May 3, 2014


    A Dutch foundation started in 1979 an initiative to link a large number of climbs in France together and called it : “The 100 Cols Tour”.

  • Monday June 24, 2013


    Johnny Hoogerland is the celebrated champion of the Netherlands. The 30 year old rider from Vacansoleil-DCM came in Kerkrade after 228 kilometers solo first across the finish line. He crowned not just himself, but also the work of his team mates.

  • Wednesday July 23, 2014


    ‘Ride like A Pro’ competition returns to Jaguar Dealerships across the UK, offering cyclists the chance to ride with Team Sky.

  • Friday February 25, 2005

    The PEZ Carrier pigeon just flew in from Switzerland – (and boy are his arms tired – badum-chh!) with the latest from snow-bound PEZ-man Flo Wenk. Our original German correspondent continues his studies in sports medicine, and but finds that being winter in Zurich has some benefits…

  • Wednesday January 5, 2005

    A special guest Homeboy this week – direct from chilly Zurich, Switzerland! Our PEZ German correspondent Florian Wenk checks in after his recent move to continue his practical studies in orthopedic medicine, and finds that a few hundred kms can seem like a whole world away.

  • Thursday October 31, 2013

    ZYM New Logo

    BE Innovations, Inc. today announced that it’s now using Stevia as the sweetener for its popular lineup of ZYM electrolyte drink tablets.

  • Sunday October 1, 2006

    Not to blow our horn too much – but hey – we called it: tall, slim Asturian, Samuel Sanchez (Euskaltel) today won his first classic - The Championship of Zurich - in the grand style - 'en seule' the French say, or as we say in English, 'in solitary splendor'.

  • Sunday August 22, 2004

    The hills were alive with the sound of whirring gears, clanking cowbells, and sweating riders at today’s Championship of Zurich World Cup. PEZ-Man Chris Selden was there to witness Round 8 of the Bettini-Rebellin battle.

  • Sunday August 18, 2002

    Tacconi Sports’ Dario Frigo (Ita) won today’s Championship of Zurich – or 89th Meisterschaft von Zьrich if you’re Swiss- after a brilliant solo attack on the final climb of the day.

  • Sunday December 2, 2012


    We left Ed yesterday after Day 1 scratching his head and marvelling at the Swiss engineering and timing at the temporary track in Zurich. This time Ed's right in the thick of the action working as a runner for the stars, photographer and writer for PEZ and still getting out there to watch the races as the big Six Day fan that he is. It's track time!

  • Wednesday August 18, 2004

    The Championship of Zurich, or the Zuri-Metzget, could be the crucial round of the World Cup this year. But really, how tough can a race beside the beautiful Swiss lake be? We rode a couple laps on Monday to see for ourselves…

  • Thursday September 28, 2006

    The Championship of Zurich, or the Zuri-Metzgete, will be an entertaining race as always - with a number of heavy hitters coming to Switzerland on great form. But really, how tough can a race beside the beautiful Swiss lake be? We rode a couple laps to see for ourselves…

  • Thursday September 28, 2006

    The Rainbow Jersey has been won by Bettini and lost by everybody else, but there's still work to do. There are three classics to fight for, The Championship of Zurich, Paris-Tours and the final Monument of the year - the Giro di Lombardia. First up is Zurich and PEZ gives a little history of those 240 kilometeres around the hills close to the city of gnomes and bank vaults.

  • Saturday May 4, 2002

    The bad weather continued again today in Switzerland as riders battled more rain and even snow in today's stage, won by Team Coast's Alex Zulle...

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