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  • Tuesday January 26, 2010

    Cyclocross has grown humongously in the US over the past 10 years. It’s always been hugely popular in Belgium and Holland, northern France had its day and even the Italians have jumped in the mud-pit and joined the cross scene, but no other country has shown such rapid growth and fervor for this crazy sport as the US of A. EuroPezman Sim Green returned to the US cross scene this winter to compare today’s events to those of 10 years ago.

  • Sunday December 6, 2009

    In Part One we went over the race itself. There’s no need to go back over that, it’ll just bring back too many painful memories for me. This time, we want to see how PEZ managed to get elbow to elbow with the fit and famous in the Battenkill Pro race.

  • Wednesday November 18, 2009

    America will never be Belgium, but as of 2009, it does have its own hardman Classic. In its first professional edition, the Tour of the Battenkill rightly assumed its place as one of the best races in North America. PEZ was on hand in the trenches doing battle with some of the best. Read on!

  • Wednesday February 4, 2009

    My eyes are half shut, my hair is all over the place and I look like a fashion deprived wannabe British pop star as I open the door of my hotel room and head for the elevator. A few months before he'd win the 2009 Tour Down Under, Allan Davis has beaten me to it and already pushed the button...

  • Thursday January 29, 2009

    Being strong is one thing, but knowing how to ride is quite another. Knowing how to ride in a group will increase your own riding enjoyment as well as that of the people you ride with. Above all it is a matter of safety. There are a series of basic rules to follow in order to ride properly in a group, and yet it is often surprising how few people know these rules.

  • Thursday September 18, 2008

    PEZ-Man Simeon Green competed in the 2008 World Championships for Journalists last weekend in France. After a 7th place in the TT, he was fired up for gold in the road race… here’s how it unfolded…

  • Wednesday September 17, 2008

    Once a year cycling scribes around the world put down their note-pads and rinse out their ink pots, don a skinsuit and let their legs do the talking (for once) at the Journalist World Championships. PEZ Joined this year's battle at Lac de Vassiviere in Central France to fight it out for the ultimate in Press supremacy… the rainbow jersey!

  • Friday September 5, 2008

    Sim Green dons the Pez Cycling kit and hits the roads of hilly Wales. If you don’t mind a little rain with your riding, Wales has plenty of quiet roads, stunning views and fantastic colours to offer cyclists.

  • Tuesday June 17, 2008

    As bike riders we tend to get around a bit… on the bike of course! Riding in many different places around the world we are often spoiled for great rides, and PEZ has chosen to share some of these rides with you - more specifically, our man in France, Simeon Green, enjoys some of the best of what central France has to offer.

  • Friday May 2, 2008

    It’s been some time since our last Homeboy Diary and the illuminating glimpses into the lives of young riders living the dream of chasing a pro contract. Sim Green has been racing with a Bouygues Telecom feeder team in France for a couple years, and has unselfishly agreed to let us in on his racing life …

  • Thursday October 25, 2007

    It’s only been a few months since the Tour de France finished in Paris, but already the cycling community is suffering withdrawal symptoms. The 2008 Tour Route Presentation arrived just in time to give us crazed fans our much needed fix. PEZ was there and here's how it looked...

  • Friday March 9, 2007

    PEZ was front seat (shotgun actually) for the white knuckled ride of spending a day in a Team car at the recent Tour Mediterraneen. No rules, wide-open road, obscure Austrian dance music and fast corners give “driving” a whole new meaning.

  • Friday March 2, 2007

    Although most of the really cool team gear doesn’t come out until just before the Tour, the early season is a good time to see what new stuff (if any) they're using. At the recent Tour of the Mediterranean, PEZ plundered the pits to find the new toys for the pro boys. Part 1 takes us into the fast moving world of Time Trial Bikes.

  • Thursday February 15, 2007

    The Tour of the Mediterranean: palm-trees, sun, sea and sand… what better place to hold one of the early season stage races than on the French Riviera? The Tour of the Med started in a romantic location on a romantic day, February 14th in Gruissan, and Pez was there to check it out…

  • Friday January 26, 2007

    When I first started riding I remember people telling me “if you want to get fast, you have to ride with people who are better than you.” Seems to make sense right? Well… does it? Maybe it isn’t that simple. I say it depends on who you are riding with… like Didier Rous & Laurent Lefevre of Bouygues Telecom.

  • Friday January 5, 2007

    The Grand Tour organizers have thrown it up to the UCI in a big way by stating they’ll decide who gets invited to their races – not the UCI. In December, the French ASO, Italian RCS, and Spanish UniPublic released a statement announcing their new selection criteria for the races they control - which happen to be the biggest and best on the calendar. Here’s our take on the pros & cons of this ‘new’ system…

  • Wednesday December 13, 2006

    As a rider, Marion Clignet held nothing back - a spirit that helped her win more titles than any other female racer. Talking with her for our recent interview, it was clear she carries this attitude with her even after she's stopped racing. In Part 2, she talks about the TDF06 debacle, living with epilepsy, riding her bike and making cycling better…

ARTICLES BY Simeon Green
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