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ARTICLES BY Alessandro Federico
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  • Saturday September 27, 2008

    This week has been one for bomb dropping retirement announcements. First came the legendary Erik Zabel's not so surprising announcement, and then today, Paolo Bettini called a press conference to notify the world that Sunday's World Championships will be his final bike race.

  • Thursday September 27, 2007

    “Bettini and Pozzato will be our men. We are looking for the highest result and we’ve got the right men and the right concentration to get it. I think it will be a very difficult race...” So said Italian national team coach Franco Ballerini to Gazzetta dello Sport last week. But his team is stacked with leaders...and that strategy has backfired in the past...

  • Sunday September 29, 2013


    Our Italian photographer Alessandro wasn't scheduled for duty at this year's World Cycling Championships, but the lure of his home country race was too strong to keep him away from Toscana. What greeted him was some terrible weather but also a day of unforgettable memories roadside in Firenze.

  • Wednesday March 8, 2006

    The true Italian season rolled out today as Tirreno-Adriatico: The Race of the Two Seas, began deep in the boot's ankle. With sparkling waters, sunny skies, and a thousand 'perfetto' recipes for tomato sauce, this race deserves more attention. Our Italian Bureau offers up this classically PEZ preview...

  • Wednesday March 9, 2011

    Tirreno-Adriatico, known as the Race of the Two Seas, kicks off today in Marina di Carrara. It's a warmer, more sprinter friendly pre-Classic prep race than Paris-Nice. One of the critical and most thrilling stages is often the incredibly hard finish in Montelupone. This year, they'll move down the road a bit to the Madonna del Monte, only a few kilometers distant and very similar with its 18%+ grades. Let's look back at the 2009 edition of Tirreno-Adriatico and its visit to Montelupone for a little taste of what riders will enjoy on Monday.

  • Saturday March 17, 2007

    While the boys in France are chilling out at the ‘Race to the Sun’, the lucky pros at Tirreno-Adriatcio are enjoying racing ‘in’ the sun. PEZ’s Ale Federico was on hand at Saturday’s fourth stage, and sent back these pics to make the rest of us envious…

  • Tuesday March 13, 2012

    Tirreno Adriatico 2012 St. 7: Three riders in less than ten seconds starting for the final stage: an individual time trial. The dish of the day is quite interesting but my plan is just to enjoy a day at Tirreno Adriatico: a full immersion in cycling and the first warm sun of the season. And that’s how it was…

  • Tuesday March 17, 2009

    The winner of Milano-Sanremo comes from here. Someone says that one rides Paris – Nice to win Paris-Nice, but those who ride Tirreno-Adriatico do it to win Sanremo. Tirreno-Adriatico links two seas divided by Italy. Different seas and different people; you really cannot imagine how different. It’s the race that wakes me up from the long winter, the first breath of the new season.

  • Monday March 12, 2012

    Tirreno Adriatico 2012 St. 6: It’s been years since I last saw the Tirreno Adriatico and today I booked a full afternoon out of the office and out of father duties to chase this race. I’m here to pass an afternoon in full relax chasing my favorite sport in a beautiful land. Is there anything better?

  • Sunday December 8, 2013


    The snow stopped the 2013 Milan-San Remo in Ovada, just before the too dangerous to ride Passo Turchino. The timeclock halted, and the entire proceeding transferred by bus and cars to Cogoleto to restart where thankfully the weather conditions had upgraded from atrocious to just plain terrible. It's La Primavera and there's nothing quite like it - no matter what the conditions!

  • Sunday February 14, 2010

    14 February 2004. Marco Pantani dies alone in Rimini. In a motel, after three days spent in a small room without seeing anybody. Pantani was still a Pro rider. During the previous year, during the Giro, he was able to show great moments and I remember, all over the winter, many people wondering about Il Pirata’s plans for the 2004. Then it all ended.

  • Tuesday October 23, 2007

    Like any good Italian red, the flavours of Lombardia linger long after the glass is sipped. It's not just a super day of bike racing, its role as the finale of the Classics demands a savoured experience. As the sun sets on another season of bike racing, our indubitable romantic Alessandro takes us through his weekend…

  • Friday March 23, 2007

    Now the riders are in their hotels. It’s a nice evening in Milan and I’m one of the last in the big press room organized by the RCS organization in the cellars of the Castello Sforzesco. An old fortification located in the downtown that is coming back to its orginal richness thanks to the efforts of the City that never forgot about it. The official presentation for tomorrow’s ‘Primavera’ is done, and here’s how it looked…

  • Monday March 20, 2006

    Today is 12 hours of daylight at PEZ HQ, and the plum blossoms in my backyard signal winter is done. Things were a bit colder Saturday in Milan, but as our Ale Federico reports, the fans along the route didn’t notice, and share the same enthusiasm for the new season as we do…

  • Monday March 23, 2009

    The duck with plums and apples was probably one of the reasons I didn’t sleep on Friday night. But not the only one. Hours and hours moving from one side to the other in a hot, dry room of a hotel in the south part of Milano waiting for the first light of the day. It’s not a day like any other. It’s something I've waited on since the moment the last Sanremo finished...

  • Thursday March 16, 2006

    There’s no better Saturday ride than the 300km from a still wintery Milan south to the more agreeable San Remo on the Mediterranean coast. Four hours of flat to get warmed up, a gentle climb over the Turchino Pass, and then sun, sea, and salt air enroute to the best tasting seafood risotto you’ll have. If you’re Italian, you know this day is about so much more than just bike racing…

  • Thursday March 22, 2007

    With the finish this week of both Paris-Nice and Tirreno-Adriatico, the odds makers have a clearer idea of who’s running well for the top spot in this weekend’s Classics Opener – Milan-SanRemo. In recent years it’s the Italian stage race that’s sent up more winners of la Primavera. With all riders tuned up, here’s the PEZ take on who to watch for Saturday...

  • Monday March 19, 2007

    The experience of Saturday’s 100th anniversary editon of Milano-SanRemo can not be complete without taking time to soak in the history that makes ‘the Sanremo’ a cycling monument. Three hundred kms from Milan to San Remo, passing so many points on the corsa integral to its life… Although no longer decisive in the outcome, the Passo del Turchino remains key to the heart of this race…

  • Wednesday March 18, 2009

    The experience of Saturday’s traditional Classics season opener of Milano-SanRemo is never complete without soaking in the history that makes ‘the Sanremo’ a cycling monument. Three hundred kms from Milan to San Remo, passing so many points on the corsa integral to its life… Although no longer decisive in the outcome, the Passo del Turchino remains key to the heart of this race…

  • Friday March 23, 2007

    Come la vediamo un poco tutti… The Milano Sanremo is not a common race. It’s something different from any other one and this fact has not really an explanation just looking to her superficially. It’s not the oldest. It’s not the hardest. It’s not for sure the most interesting. The route is nothing special.

ARTICLES BY Alessandro Federico
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