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ARTICLES BY Nathan Deibert
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  • Wednesday September 22, 2004

    Today’s Vuelta stage was a cracker. And it’s even better since like Liberty Seguros has allowed PEZ great access to their riders during this race. We got one-one with race leader Roberto Heras after today’s tough mountain stage. So how is the two-time winner coping with having everyone gunning for him once again?

  • Thursday September 16, 2004

    Well, if you didn’t know the name Santiago Perez yesterday, assuming you’ve seen today’s Vuelta results it’s a safe bet you know it today. Santiago Perez finished 2nd today on the climb to Calar Alto and muscled his way into the top ten on G.C. Yesterday during the Vuelta’s rest day I had a chance to chat with Santi on the phone.

  • Monday September 13, 2004

    After about a week of trying, I was finally able to catch up with Isidro Nozal. It wasn’t easy, as it seemed he was never his hotel room or he was on the phone. I called a few times today and when I did get him, he was just finishing up a conversation on his mobile phone.

  • Thursday September 9, 2004

    Well here it is, your first look inside the Vuelta a Espaсa. I was hoping to get this out yesterday but due to the Liberty Seguros team arriving late to their hotel there was no time for an interview before bedtime...

  • Monday February 7, 2005

    Another rider we met at the Saunier Duval – Prodir training camp was Constantino Zaballo. Going into his fifth year as a pro, and having won a stage of the ’04 Vuelta, Tino Zaballa has fine-tuned his goals for 2005. He’s ready to go for the big time – but unlike a lot of other Spanish riders what he considers the “big time” isn’t a stage race, but the Northern Classics.

  • Monday April 11, 2005

    At the Saunier Duval-Prodir team training camp in January, I had a chance to ride their new Scott USA CR-1 team bikes. We tested last year’s model here on PEZ, so I was keen to see what changes had been made for ’05. And did I mention I was riding the official team bike…?!!!

  • Friday August 5, 2005

    Every year the Tour inspires many up and coming young cyclists. It sparks emotion and intrigue as to what it must be like to race in Europe. I’ve been doing it for the better part of the last three years and even though this hasn’t been a season to remember for me, I’ve learned a few things on how to get over here and race...

  • Monday February 21, 2005

    At the recent Saunier Duval – Prodir training camp, I had a chance to speak with team manager Mauro Gianetti. Mauro has gone from being a pro rider to ProTour team manager in just three short years and at 39 years old, he has to be one of the youngest ProTour team managers in the biz. Among other things, we talked about his transition from rider to manager, why he likes the ProTour, and the benefits of riding your bike…

  • Thursday February 26, 2004

    Recently I had a chance to chat with Francisco Mancebo, by telephone at his home in Spain. Talking to the 27 year old Pro from the newly formed Illes Balears-Banesto team I got the sense the he is a very patient but focused person. When I first made contact with him...

  • Tuesday March 29, 2005

    One of the most impressive guys in pro cycling is Joxean Fernбndez Matxin, better known as “Matxin”. At only 34 he is the ds of Suanier Duval-Prodir – a ProTour team he helped create with friend and ex-pro Mauro Gianetti. We wanted to know how someone so young steps into the big leagues…

  • Wednesday May 12, 2004

    I got the call with about one day notice to interview Liberty Seguros' Igor Gonzalez de Galdeano. He was racing the Vuelta a Castilla Leуn, so I was a bit nervous about just ringing up a 10 year pro who’s worn the Tour’s Yellow Jersey for a chat...

  • Wednesday August 18, 2004

    Our Spanish Homie checks in this week from… Hummelstown? His reign in Spain is on temporary hiatus - but it looks like love really does conquer all – could it be his ticket back to the land of very windy, hot races…?

  • Wednesday April 21, 2004

    Always entertaining, if slightly wet – we check in with our Homeboy Espana Nathan Deibert as he chases down another “average “ Saturday race in Spain - getting lost, chasing wheels, a crash - and hangin' onto the team car going downhill...

  • Wednesday March 24, 2004

    So what to do on the weekend in Sevilla when there’s no race? Well, really there’s only one answer. You join “El Pedal” - the self-proclaimed fasted club in Sevilla, for a Sunday ride that feels more like a race. It’s great training and a fun way to pass Sunday morning.

  • Wednesday July 28, 2004

    The latest dispatch from Spain has our Homeboy Nathan chillin’ in the summer heat, then racin’ in the summer heat – and you can almost see the heatwaves in the photos…

  • Wednesday December 8, 2004

    Our Homeboy Espaсa battles the cold northeastern winter – and kicks butt at the PA State Cyclocross Championships and then questions it all - ! Fear not – as his Spanish Sweetie is due to arrive and his plans to return to Spain become clearer- he bounces back…!

  • Thursday June 16, 2005

    Retirement is a strong word. It’s a term that some people use lightly; such as Cipollini in the past. Others truly think they will retire but then find they can’t stay away and come back, like Michael Jordan. Lately it’s a term I’ve been considering quite thoroughly.

  • Friday March 4, 2005

    Our man Nathan Deibert checks in from the only sunny place in Europe it seems – Spain – where he’s at last secured a new team, a new home, and a new pal in Classic’s king Andrea Tafi…

  • Wednesday March 3, 2004

    While a lot of us are still blowin’ snow drifts, Nathan Deibert is in Spain - lining up for a 170 km race, convincing local authorities that he does have a “zee papers” to race, learning that in Spanish racing rules can change with the breeze, and finishing in the money…

  • Friday October 22, 2004

    Checking in from his winter base in PA, our Homeboy Espaсa finally wrapped his season ‘o road, and barely blinked before starting his season ‘o cross. Time off? Fuhgeddahboudit until at least Christmas…

ARTICLES BY Nathan Deibert
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