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Tinkoff-Saxo presents new sponsors
We are pleased to present new sponsors for the rest of the 2014-season. Five new sponsors, mainly in the area of food and nutrition, will provide us with quality products on the road.

The new sponsors are pasta-maker Delverde, high-end cured ham producer DOK Dall’Ava, famous wine maker Astoria, meat producer Unicarve and last but not least quality certified microbrewery Via dei Birrai. The sponsors are an addition to the successful routines in the area of food and nutrition that we’ve built up over the years.

“Food and nutrition are one of the keystones of great performances. The riders are pressuring their bodies to the limits, so they need food and nutrition that makes them capable of performing at their top level. For Tinkoff-Saxo, bringing these six new sponsors onboard means that we always know that we have some of the best raw products whenever we need them”, explains Sponsorship Manager Gabriele Uboldi.

Hannah Grant is the team chef on Tinkoff-Saxo and decides the menu and thereby the fuel that the riders will compete on. She’s been working with the products of our new sponsors on a daily basis since the start of Giro d’Italia.

“I’ve tested the products during the Giro and, as a chef, I think we’ve made the right decision. The taste of the raw products results in dishes that the riders enjoy and at the same time, they get the nutrition they need. That’s basically the essence of my job and having great products in the fridge and freezer at any given time is essential, says Hannah Grant.

Who are the new sponsors?

No food says “cycling” like pasta does. On Tinkoff-Saxo, the riders eat it morning and evening to get enough much needed carbohydrates. Delverde is our quality pasta and flour sponsor from the Abruzzo region of Italy.

Dok Dall’Ava
DOK Dall’Ava is Tinkoff-Saxo’s kitchen sponsor of tasty cured ham – prosciutto. DOK’s range of prosciutto is made from rare breed pork. We often use cured ham in our dishes because of the taste and the nutritional value of the special cutouts and easy digestion.

Tinkoff-Saxo toasts with Astoria after an important performance. In fact we’ve signed a sponsorship with Astoria Vini – Venetian Prosecco and wine maker – well known for being the official wine of Giro d’Italia.

The Italian company and producer of quality meat build on a foundation of local farmers will sponsor Tinkoff-Saxo with high-value nutrition and proteins in the shape of different carvings of meat chosen by our head chef Hannah Grant

Via dei Birrai
This excellent small beer company is driven by the passion for making truly great beer without any compromises and offers 8 unique kinds of beer.


About Tinkoff-Saxo
Tinkoff-Saxo is a UCI WorldTour pro cycling racing team that is owned by Russian entrepreneur Oleg Tinkov with the explicit aim to become the greatest cycling team in the world.

Tinkoff Credit Systems, the only Russian bank specialising in credit cards, is the main title sponsor of the team. Saxo Bank, the trading and investment specialist continues its sponsorship of the team in 2014 as a second name sponsor.



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