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RENOVO Launches Aerowood Endurance Bike

A Sleek, Elegant Design That Delivers High Performance with a Buttery Smooth Ride

PORTLAND, OR- Renovo Hardwood Bicycles - - introduces the sleek new Aerowood, Renovo’s first hybrid wood and carbon frame, engineered to absorb more vibration and deliver a smoother ride than either material alone.

The hollow wood frame is a unique departure from mainstream bicycles, but Renovo has used wood as their material of choice since 2007 after testing showed that it absorbed vibration four times better than carbon and much more than any material of equal stiffness. This frame produces the highest ‘stiffness to smoothness’ ratio, delivering both comfort and confident handling that effortlessly reels in the miles.

Made in the Renovo shop in Portland Oregon, this elegant frame is a singular blend of handcrafted American workmanship, rigorous engineering, and state-of-the-art computer driven design and manufacturing; all of this is revealed in the exquisite details of superb joinery, hand shaping and finishing which creates one of the most striking bikes on any group ride. From the finish line to the coffee shop, the Aerowood is a head turner and conversation starter wherever it goes.

Originally introduced in 2013 to instant acclaim from Renovo riders, the Aerowood sports a shrouded rear wheel, aero downtube and seat mast fairing to reduce wind resistance.

The Aerowood is newly updated with a carbon layer inside the downtube to allow for enhanced ride quality as well as a more adjustable seat mast design.

About Renovo:

Surprisingly, Renovo was not founded by a woodworker, but by Ken Wheeler, a designer from the composite aircraft industry who recognized the potential benefits of wood for bike frames based on its use in aircraft structures. The original prototype Renovo frame was designed on CAD and machined on a CNC and that process continues today, although with much refinement thanks to our guiding themes; ‘Constant Improvement’ and ‘No Compromise’, both of which have served us well capitalizing on our 10 years of experience making hollow wood frames. Renovo has produced more than 1000 frames and continues to grow, now employing a superb crew of 15 engineers, technicians and artisan craftspeople; all of whom share Ken’s passion for excellence.

Aerowood Features:
• Hollow Frame Construction of Wenge and Curly Maple
• Carbon Fiber Inside the Downtube
• Lifetime Warranty on Craftsmanship and Materials including Finish
• Full Frame Shock & Vibration Damping
• Internally Routed Brake Cables
• Electronic Shifting Only (Shimano/SRAM/FSA)
• Full range of seat height adjustment with 27.2mm seat post
• Lightweight Wood Aero Seat Fairing Over the Seat Tube
• Headset/Steerer tube: 1-1/8” internal/ Straight
• Tire Clearance: 25mm
• MSRP: Frameset $5,495 // Full-Build $9,995+
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