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Mørkøv and Rasmussen take control in Copenhagen
It was an immensely entertaining night in Copenhagen where Tinkoff-Saxo’s Michael Mørkøv and partner, Alex Rasmussen were under severe pressure as a German alliance took turns attacking the leading Danish couple and Marc Hester and Leif Lampater eventually managed to gain a lap on Mørkøv/Rasmussen.

However, the Danes kept fighting throughout the night and their will to win was demonstrated on numerous occasions. Rasmussen made the roaring crowd go absolutely bonkers when he broke an 8 year old track record riding 500 meters in less than 27 seconds equivalent to an average speed of 67 kilometers an hour.

Michael Mørkøv pulled off his special trick during the Derny competition where he took an impressive win after a long tenacious sprint over an entire lap. Passing the magic 200 points, the couple gained a bonus lap and they were now back in first position.

“We have had a very strong start of the race and especially last night and tonight, we won several competitions and we’re feeling like we had the legs to win altogether but we have to pay attention at all times. We lead on points right now so nothing is won yet but we’re halfway there and we have the confidence to go all the way,” said Michael Mørkøv.

The race finishes Tuesday night.


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