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Lotto Belisol: The first impressions of newcomer Sander Armée
Sander Armée has raced four years at Topsport Vlaanderen. At 28 he gets the chance to set the step to the highest level, after he showed himself past cycling year in among other the Ruta del Sol. The consequences of a fracture of a cervical vertebra incurred in the Tour de Wallonie are over, that’s why the slender man from Brabant is already working on his basic condition since September with the upcoming cycling season in mind.

Sander Armée: “That crash has made me finish last season early, but the recovery went very smoothly and I don’t have any hinder anymore. That’s why I could start training calmly already in September. Only a few days after the end of last season we already met a first time in function of some practical issues. Then there were the weekly winter trainings, the teambuilding and now the first training camp. That means that by now I have already seen most guys a few times. With Kris Boeckmans, Dennis Vanendert and Tosh Van der Sande I have raced before. And at training you often ride in pairs, so you get the chance to speak to everybody.”

“Also at Topsport Vlaanderen we worked with Energy Lab, but you notice that you’re in a WorldTour team in different things. I did think the guidance would be more intensive, but it did surprise me a bit. For now it looks like I will start the season in Argentina. The stage races of one week are my cup of tea. I will probably make my first appearance in a Grand Tour; although I like riding uphill, a Grand Tour wasn’t in the cards yet. It’s difficult to put forward very concrete goals. For me it’s more about the feeling with which I want to complete my first year at Lotto Belisol. The most important goals will be to do as good as possible what is asked from me and make progression.”


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