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Get Suffering on Your iPhone or iPad – Import to iTunes and Synch!
Unless you have a Bike Torture Chamber blessed with a big screen projector, you're most likely watching The Sufferfest videos on your laptop. But did you know you can watch our videos directly on your iPad or iPhone?


If you've already bought and download our videos, you can easily import them to iTunes and move them onto your device for mobile Suffering! Here's how to do it:

Open iTunes.
Go to File > Add to Library
Locate your Sufferfest videos and import.
Once imported, the videos will be in your 'Movies' section under 'Home Videos.'
Attach your iPhone or iPad and make sure that the 'Movies' section box is ticked and set for 'Manual Synch'
Select The Sufferfest videos you want to move to your device and then synch (make sure you have enough space on your device). This may take a few minutes.
The videos will then be in the 'Videos' app on your device for on-the-go Suffering whenever you need a dose of IWBMATTKYT!

Available on the App Store OR: Download Directly to Your iPhone With our New App!

If you'd prefer not to fuss with importing and synching your phone with iTunes, then give our new Sufferfest iPhone app a go!

The free app is available here ( Once downloaded, you can easily preview, buy and download our videos directly on your iPhone using your iTunes account.

You can also delete and restore purchases as needed, based on space available on your phone.

If you do give it a go, please take a moment to rate the app. The Minions would love to know what you think.

Note: You can't move videos you already have on to the app or videos in the app onto your computer. Android and iPad apps are in the works for later this year. If you wish, you can use the app on your iPad by using the '2X' function.

Learn More and Download the App Here >>

Quadlock phone mount
Quadlock: The best iPhone and iPad mounts in the world. Save 15% until July 22nd!


So, you got the videos on your iPhone/iPad. Now where do you put that device so you can easily watch while Suffering?

We've spent a lot of time looking for a great bike mount, and when we came across Quadlock, we knew we had a winner. These are, hands down, the absolute best bike and wall mounts in the world. Secure, waterproof and elegant.


We made a short video to show you how they work. Use the code SUFFERFEST, you'll save 15% and get free shipping worldwide. Hurry - offer ends July 22nd. (Don't forget to 'Apply' code at check out to update the basket.)

Click Here to Watch the Video and Buy >>

New videos coming in August

Two new videos will be out the first week of August. Both designed by Coach Neal Henderson, who created the Blender workout, they feature footage from the 2013 Giro d'Italia. The first is a brutal sprint workout and the second is a two-hour (!) climbing epic.

The Sufferfest on Spotify

On Spotify? So are the killer soundtracks for all our videos. We've found listening to these while not Suffering to be quite disturbing. Leg twitches and nervous ticks are common occurances. The urge to attack is barely containable. Careful now...

Get the Spotify Links Here >>


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