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Christopher Juul-Jensen hopes for Giro 2014
What was the best experience this season?

“The best experience this year was definitely doing the cobble classics! I've been fascinated by these races since I got into cycling. I think I saw the famous Joergen Leth documentary “A Sunday in Hell” 10 times the day before Roubaix just to put everything into perspective. The whole Flemish/Northern French vibe throughout the classics campaign was incredible and made me really appreciate having it made it this far!”

What was the most disappointing moment?

“Personally, it was being ''de-selected '' for the Giro line-up a couple weeks prior to the race. I had been looking forward to starting my first Grand Tour, so that was quite a disappointment. But now I'm only extra motivated to start my first Grand Tour on my ''semi'' home ground, Ireland! The 'Armstrong'' case and the Tsunami of controversy that it brought onto the sport was also a major blow. Mainly because I feel it stole a lot of the positive attention that the sport deserves today. The sport has undeniably developed in the right direction and I think this needs equal amounts of focus or more than the past!

What was the funniest moment?

“There are many funny moments whenever travelling with the team. But having a two page article about myself in a Japanese Bike magazine wasn't something I see everyday.”

What are your goals for the coming season?

“Focusing on helping Matti win Flanders. Starting the Giro in Ireland and developing into a rider that can win races!”

How do you spend time in the off-season?

”I spend as much time as possible with my girlfriend and when she gets fed up having me around, then I play a lot of music with Matti (Breschel) & Anders (Lund) . We have to make sure our band, “The Broom Wagons”, goes platinum the day we all stop cycling.”



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