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CCSD Bus: Where Is Walter?
​Walter is the star of the Where is Walter? members club. He's a 43 year old VW bus, with oodles of character and CCSD's answer to 'mobile marketing'. Some of you may already have met him at our training camps or events, or seen him out on the road around San Diego.

Join the WiW club and help raise the funds to get Walter on the road


Our plan for Walter is to have him pop up at cycling events all over the place, support rides, help out at charity events or just generally appear wherever there seems to be a mass of cyclists in Southern California. He'll always be stocked with goodies, sponsor product, giveaways and freebies and usually have something tasty inside too.
But, before Walter can fulfill his destiny as SoCal's on the road fun-mobile....a shining turquoise oasis for cyclists..... a beacon in the distance for weary athletes struggling through a run or ride.... he needs a little 'work', some of it cosmetic, some of it a little more serious than that.

To raise the necessary funds we're launching the Where is Walter? membership club. Members of the club get great discounts off CCSD camps, tours and events, sponsor product discounts and benefits, plus turn up at the door of Walter anytime you see him and flash your member card to get that week's giveaway.

Membership options vary - the more $ you put into Walter, the more he gives back. See HERE for more details. Diamond members get one totally FREE day each year where you and 5 friends can have Walter as your very own private support vehicle with picnic lunch and full SAG.

Check out our website for more details. If you have a product or service and you want offer our members a discount or have a 'Walter week' dedicated to promoting your product please get in touch:


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