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After Colorado, Team Colombia heads to Memorial Pantani
Just come back after the Colorado campaign, Team Colombia’s Escarabajos are raring to get in the mix in Italy on Saturday, August 31st at Memorial Marco Pantani. On a lumpy route that saw Esteban Chaves take a strong 5th place last year, Sports Director Valerio Tebaldi will rely on a group of combative riders, looking to finish a very solid August – that saw Claudio Corti’s team notch two wins – on a high note.

Six of the riders who took part to the Trittico Lombardo will be in action in Romagna, starting with Carlos Julian Quintero, whose determination and great effort was not rewarded by the final outcome in the Italian semiclassics. Carlos will be joined by Wilson Marentes, Dalivier Ospina, Duber Quintero, Jeffry Romero and Juan Pablo Valencia, while Edwin Avila and Robinson Chalapud will round out the line-up after showing up strong on Colorado’s mountains.

“Memorial Pantani is not an easy race – Sport Director Valerio Tebaldi explained – the rider will find several climbs on their way, and the hot rhythm will leave a reduced group to contest the win in the finale. We will look to ride a gutty race to seize every opportunity, relying on a group of riders boasting a good condition, and who might be able to perform well on this route.”

Memorial Marco Pantani (August 31st)

Line-up: Edwin Avila, Robinson Chalapud, Wilson Marentes, Dalivier Ospina, Carlos Julian Quintero, Duber Quintero, Jeffry Romero, Juan Pablo Valencia

Sports Directors: Valerio Tebaldi



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