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Readers’ Rigs: Custom And Light!
Today's Readers' Rigs are a mixed pair from opposite sides of the world and completely different, but special, machines. First up: a completely unique Baum from Down Under that's custom in every way, and secondly a nice and light Scott climber from the States. It's Readers' Rigs time!

Reader Number 1: Stephen Amos, Brisbane, Australia
Age: 43
Bike: 2013 Baum Corretto 57cm
Groupset: Campagnono Super Record Ti
Wheels: Enve SES 3.4 Clincher with Chris King R45
Pedals: Speedplay Zero Ti
Saddle: Selle Italia SLR Superflow.
Other: Enve bars, Stem, Fork, and Seatpost. Custom bar tape and saddle cover by Mick Peel at Busyman Cycles.
Weight: 7.16kgs with cages and pedals.


When did you buy it? It was ordered October 2012. I flew to Geelong for a fit and to discuss in March 2013, and the bike was delivered in August this year.

What made you choose this bike? I guess I've got a pretty standard story to many who ride. I started riding as a very typical obese middle age dude - and riding has transformed my health and life. I intend to ride for as long as I can - and I'm not a fan of our throwaway society so the idea of a bike built for me that will last had real appeal. I see a lot of people changing bikes every two or three years and I just wanted to go down a different path. It was quite a leap of faith ordering it, but the bike has exceeded my expectations in every way. I'm proud to support an Australian company capable of this standard of craftsmanship.


What modifications/additions have you done? With Baum the whole bike is custom in every way so there aren't any modifications per se. I took the geometry of my existing bike to them and they used this as a base for their fit jig. Ryan Moody did my fit, and we then discussed what I wanted from the bike in terms of handling and looks. Next was colours which was really tough! All I knew was that I wanted it to look like my dear old Lotus Elan with it's Gold Leaf Tobacco inspired colour scheme. After pretty much a full day everyone in the office (Including Darren Baum) had a bit of a review of what we'd arrived at. There was some shuffling of feet at the "unique" colours but the bike was pretty much locked in from there. It was quite a memorable experience right down to the Friday BBQ lunch shared with their painters and machinists.

There's no stickers on Steve's bike - it's all custom paint.

What components are you running? I knew I wanted to go with Campagnolo because of the ergonomics, longevity, and looks. I wasn't so interested in the complexity of electronic shifting so Super Record it was. Baum recommended the Enve wheels and I'm very glad I listened! Enve also did all the cockpit carbon components as I didn't want to mix and match and I wanted it all to work well together. I ended up so far in the hole on this one I could barely see the sun but I'm glad now it's paid for!


How many miles/kilometers do you do a year? I do around 12,000km (7,500 miles) a year, give or take. Those miles are mostly road, but I commute religiously and pretend to be a mountain biker when the opportunity arises.

Favorite riding area? We're lucky here in Brisbane. We've got lots of hills and mountains nearby, some great flatland rides, and our famous "River Loop" which winds around our city. If I had to pick, I'd say my Thursday 80k bunch ride to the nearby seaside town of Redcliffe for the lovely views and great company along the way.

If you get up early enough in Brisbane you might just be able to share your morning ride with Steve and his beautiful Baum - or even a giant inflatable elephant!

Favorite riding experience on your bike? Every ride on the Baum is a treat. In Brisbane we ride really early and that means leaving home at 5am most times which can be hard. However from the time the Baum comes off the stand I know it's going to be theatre. The hubs start buzzing as you wheel it out, the gold highlights catch fire in the morning sun, and then from the first pedal stroke the bike flies while it cossets you with a velvety ride. That's a treat every time - I'm totally smitten!

Details abound everywhere on Steve's rig - even on the inside of the fork.

Or on the chainstay.

Future upgrades? Maybe in a five or ten years I'll send it back and give it a birthday repaint. Maybe I'll be persuaded to try electronic shifting by then!

Last words? I'm saving heaps of money on cars now I'm into bikes!

Reader Number 2: Mike Koroly, Westchester County, NY USA
Age: 53
Bike: 2009 Scott Addict R2 HMX Carbon ISP XL 58cm
Wheels: Custom by White Mountain Wheels: Rims - Kinlin XR200 22mm/Velo plugs, Hubs – Alchemey Elf/Orc, Spokes - Sapim CX-Ray/ Al nipples, Skewers – Lightweight
Tires: Schwalbe Ultremo Evo/Tubes Vittoria EVO 55g
Groupset: Shimano 7970 Di2 10 Speed/175mm cranks
Pedals: Look Keo Ti spindles
Saddle: Fizik Arion Braided Carbon Rail/Carbon Shell
Weight: 6.59kg


When did you buy it and why? In 2010. I was lucky to find a Scott Addict with an integrated seat post in my size on eBay. My luck doubled when the seller/bike shop owner agreed to sell me the frame and fork without components, as the complete bike did not sell at auction. My goal was to build a light weight climbing machine with fluid lines and subtle accents of color that melded frame with components. So a featherweight Scott frame with integrated seat post was a high first priority.


What components are you running? Minimal clutter was the goal, so Di2 was top choice for the groupo, as it eliminates the shifter cables leaving only the front and rear brake cables exposed. The wheelset, including rim plugs, tubes, tires, cassette and skewers, keeps the rotating mass down to 1907gs.

Integrated seatpost and Di2 give Mike's Scott a clean look.

How many miles/kilometers do you ride per year? I ride outdoors 12 months a year and cover 8,000-10,000 miles (13-16,000km). Only icy roads force me to ride an indoor trainer.

Mike's view of the cockpit: one seriously stiff looking Pro Vibe Cavendish 135mm stem and some well used Pro Vibe bar tape

Favorite riding area? My astrological sign is Capricorn, so I guess you could say I was “born” to climb. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.) Lake Placid, New York, home of the 1932 and 1980 Olympic Games, as well as Ironman, has multiple miles of challenging gradients within a reasonable drive from my home. Whiteface Mountain just outside of Lake Placid, has a very similar profile to Alpe d’ Huez, so I climbed it late this Autumn, and plan to return to climb it again in early Summer 2014.


Favorite riding experience on your bike? Climbing a mountain featured in the Giro: Blockhaus , Abruzzo, Italy, in the swealtering July heat with a group of hard-driving friends.

Future upgrades? Ah…an extra crank arm for that elusive third leg. But since extra legs are scarce: Garmin Vector power pedals.

Last words? Thank you to the men at Fairwheel Bikes for sourcing and purveying cutting edge bicycle components as well as hosting an internet forum that helped inspire and facilitate this build. Lastly, and most importantly, thanks to my wife for photographing me and indulging my desire to climb mountains!


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