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PEZ Tweets Heat Up!
Seems like our internet-aged attention span gets shorter by the minute… or is that by the second? But here’s where Twitter really kicks the quick fix – tiny bits of your fave content delivered right to your smart phone… The PEZ Twitter Feed is starting to rock...

It’s been a few months since we ‘officially’ launched the PEZ Twitter page – along with our Facebook page and Youtube channels. The big challenge remains using them to deliver relevant, useful content the way we (and you) want, without wasting anyone ‘s time.

We’ve intentionally taken a slow approach to ramping these up, because the creation of original content – and by that I mean the kind we actually want to put our names on – (and you to enjoy reading) – takes a lot of time. It’s hours, days, sometimes even weeks to produce a story that the logfiles say most readers will spend only a few minutes with. (Hey – just writing this dispatch took me over an hour…!)

Thar she blows – a scale replica of the actual PEZ Twitter page - !

The sheer time and manpower to create original content is why you see so much regurg on the web – duplicate stories, or self-serving pr pieces posted as ‘news’… It’s also why we only do one or two articles a day – who’s got time to read all that stuff anyway…?

But hey – we want a quick fix as much as the next guy, so here’s where our Twitter page comes in. The PEZ-Crew is spread far and wide around the cycling globe – and even if we’re lucky to bump into each other maybe once a year, you can still find us on the ground where pro cycling happens a lot more often than that.

Thanks to Ed Hood – no one else has trackside coverage of the Sixes like we do. Our man in Spain Alastair has been making the rounds at the training camps in southeast Spain (watch for his interview with Johan Bruyneel in the coming days). Out Toolbox editor Dr. Stephen Cheung is wintering in Belgium, and Jered Gruber joined George Hincapie for a training ride last week. And in spite of his day job in Udine Italy, Matt Conn still finds time to stay in touch with the Giro organizers.

There’s a lot going on, and thanks to the PEZ Twitter page, we’re now posting bits and bites of a bunch more stuff than we have time to fully report on. Our Tweets are there to tap you into a little bit extra, something behind the scenes, and maybe even tease with a pic of an upcoming bike build, or gear review, or what cocktail I’m starting my weekend with…

So if you haven’t already – check us out and follow our feed. It’s free - and will keep you up to date on every full story we post, and a whole lot of pics, snips and snaps that you won’t see anywhere else.

Connect us to your mobile device right here:
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