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Pez Socks: The Tallboys Are Here!
The all new PEZ socks by DeFeet have arrived in store – and the timing could not be better as these Air-e-ator ‘Tall boys’ will keep your ankles warm and your overall look cool…

New kit demands new socks – and for almost a decade the crew at DeFeet have shorn our feet with the best sport hosiery available for serious cyclists.


Our latest kit design is an un-abashed throwback to those glory days of the 1980’s – some say cycling’s cleanest era. I’m super-loving the Renault Elf inspired design created for us by Castelli USA (read about it here), but was unsure how we’d make socks to match.


Imagine my surprise when I discovered DeFeet was a step ahead – having already done a Renault Elf inspired sock in original yellow & black stripes. We matched up the color to our PEZ Azure Blue, and the rest is fashion history.

Congratulations on an excellent choice!

They're a full 6 inches tall, and based on my own extensive testing - these should last you several years with proper care. My father-in-law still wears his original yellow Pez socks from 2005 - ! (I've given him several new pairs since then, but he hates to throw anything out when it still works just fine...)

• The New PEZ Socks are ON SALE NOW In the PEZShop!


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