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PEZ SOCKS: The Best You Ever Looked!
From the ankles down… When you look good, you feel good – and when you feel good – you must be wearing PEZ Socks! The newest additions to our stylin’ line have just arrived – and we’ve got 3 cool new designs to suit every occasion.

The crack PEZ design chimps stayed up all night to come up with these awesome new looks, and we couldn’t be happier – of course they’re the famous Air-E-Ator by DeFeet – who as we all know have been leaders in technical sock development for years.

The ‘Black Stripe’ model is sure to be a hit with almost any cycling kit.

Cool Designs, Same Amazing Price!
There’s still plenty of summer left, that’s why the super-cool custom PezCycling Socks are on shelves at Glory Cycles right now. Only $9.90 for a complete set of two socks – that’s one whole pair! Do not delay…

Why mess with a classic design like the PEZ World stripes?

BUY ‘EM NOW – ONLY $9.90 + Shipping
PEZCycling socks are on sale exclusively at Glory for only $9.90 a pair + shipping.

The limited edition superstripe in PEZ blue might get you past any line-up… or not.

• Get ‘Em Only Online At Glory Cycles! Collectors items? – You Bet!

• Buy ’em for only $9.90 a pair + shipping

Sizes: S, M, L, XL

Click the small Sock To Buy ‘EM!

PEZ SEZ: “I personally use these socks.” says PEZ. “Not just because I sell ‘em, but because the make excellent feet covers.”


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