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Mailbag: Lance Admits, Readers Respond
The Lance mess continues to dominate the airwaves this week, as the clock ticks down to his big ‘explain’ with Oprah later today. At PEZ HQ, letters continue to land from readers in response to my Comment from Tuesday – here’s a what a few of you said…

Hi Richard,
How many of us were duped?? How many of us thought Festina was the end?

I've been watching pro cycling for over 30 years as well as turning the pedals recreationally myself and knew what as going on "in the old days". Point is when Festina broke we though a change was underway but as soon as you saw the climb to Sestriere you knew. Thing is we all wanted to believe and to an extent we did!! What we didn't realize was that the real corruption was at the UCI. If nothing else I'd cut him some slack if he can destroy Verbruggen and McQuaid... cycling will recover, if nothing else I can still turn my pedals!!

Donald Y


At least you acknowledged you like everyone else in the bike industry profited from your association with Lance. As I read the articles from major cycling magazines, I am reminded of Casa Blanca and how they were "Shocked to find gambling going on." You'd think some of these authors were jilted lovers the way they carried on. But don't forget, we have only heard one side of the story. I'll bet you dollars to donuts a lot of the terrible behavior is going to seem not so bad when both sides are there for all to see. It's like talking to divorced people. The other person is just the worse person who breathes, until you hear the other spouses story.


"How times have changed. How opinions change. How Lance has changed.
Okay - maybe we’ll take two outta three."

One of the best comments I've seen on this whole mess!

And also Distractions is on a roll
nice work


I agree with your comments...this whole affair has left a sour taste in my mouth! But, I first started riding out of my love for it...I only started to follow the racing later on in my life. And that's what I'll go back love of riding....I know you know what I mean!

Keep up the great work! I'm gonna have to try one of your Negroni recipes some time!


I think everyone out there, including you Pez, is forgetting one key fact. Without Lance the cycling industry would not be where it is today. The pros salaries would still be dismal. Bike sales would not be anywhere close to where they are today. Hell, mountain bikes would probably still rule the market. This site would probably be your hobby. Something you played with on the weekends after spending week in a cubicle. And, Phil and Paul would still be two quaint little bike announcers hardly anyone in the USA would know about. Bob Roll ... he'd be drooling in a beer somewhere in Durango, waiting for his next handout. My money is betting on the fact that Lance could have cared less about coming out. He would have been happy thumbing his nose at everyone. I guarantee that money, big money, from several in the industry is driving this little play.


Wonderful expression of your thoughts Pez, always appreciate your editorials. Kinda interesting that at the bottom of your post is an add for a Trek with the tag "Don't endure, conquer"...seems Trek has chosen a line that could have been dropped by Lance...

Appreciate your site Pez, keep it coming.


There's not much more to be said about Lance that hasn't been said already. I got an email from my daughter (who lives in your neighborhood, Squamish, by the way). It was simple: "Say it aint so."
For years she got up very every morning with me to watch the Tour live -- to watch Lance and crew dominate.

Among the vast number of bad things that flow from his cheating and lying, I regret the impact this has kids in her group, who can understandably look to Lance and his ilk as being a bunch of crooks. Sounds trite, but like it or not, Lance was a role model. Our kids deserved better.


Can't say the Oprah thing is at all surprising. Pathological liar and attention seeker. He'll get a boost from this as planed. Well...Bigger than he would with his current stance. That's all that I would guess matters to him and his entourage.


Comparing Lance to Bill Clinton is an appalling and not apt. Goodbye, pez. you've lost this reader.


As a cyclist, I feel that we are all better off for having the influence of Lance in North American culture over the last ten or so years, I would not like his influence over the years to be taken away.

Organizations that want the return of prize money and sponsorship money, should also return the monetary benefit that they received as a result of having his name in the competition or of the value he brought to increase in brand recognition in the market place. No one should be able to have the benefit without paying the price.

Regarding the interview, of course it is self-serving, but isn’t that the reason that we do everything, otherwise it would be masochism.

None of his doping could have taken place without the explicit approval and encouragement of team management.

Doping was part of his team before he became part of his team.

It seems that there is hardly a team who does not have anyone in management who was not a doper when he was a rider.

What about Levi, George and Dave? Were they not implicit liars by not admitting to doping before they were asked?

The level playing field is only a dream. I have Di2 on my bike, and I can say for an absolute fact, that anyone who has Di2 has an advantage. Likewise with the team that has the best nutritionists, trainers, strategists etc.

His work with cancer charities has benefited thousands of people, and perhaps even ourselves.

Last comment. Letā?Ts get over it, move on, and learn. Our dear mother earth is in serious trouble as a result of human activity. Getting people healthy by riding bikes, and reducing motor vehicle usage as a result of cycling are worthwhile objectives. Good, bad, or indifferent, the influence of Lance has helped us all in achieving those objectives.

Vive le

Brian F


The man is attention seeking. I feel like his impending "confession" is nothing more than extension of that behavior. Sure, he is trying to limit his financial/legal losses. But whatever comes thought is cycling now has its very own Pete Rose. I think he may turn over on some others, but I get the inkling. It is too late for this Phoenix to rise from the ashes. For Lance, I am pretty sure he is doomed to live the life of all the people he "discreted" and destroyed as those very things. Too bad.
John R


I can't sum it up any better than Nicole Cooke did in her retirement speech having won the women’s Tour de France, Giro and World title amongst many others. Cheats win on the way up and the way down. She points out how drug cheats like Tyler Hamilton will make more money from his book on how he cheated than she made throughout her time as a pro cyclist. Clearly this situation is more than just 'wrong'.

These people stole the livelihoods of those who loved the sport just as much but refused to give into the temptation to take performance enhancing drugs in order to 'win'. If Armstrong’s strategy proves to be a case of " I did what I had to do to win", in others words he is a winner who will stop at nothing to make the best of himself that he can, ' a man's gotta do what a mans gotta do' style of bullshit, and the world lets him get away with it, then 'win' he will, yet again. He, like all the others who I can only assume failed to fulfill their contractual obligations to race clean, needs to be crucified, not rewarded. At least Pantani felt shame, so much so that it eventually killed him. Lance seems to have no shame at all, so some one needs to impose some on him. Wipe him out financially and jail him. Then start a zero tolerence on drug cheats. One strike and your career's over. As for the UCI, if they are shown to have been complicit in hiding one of Lance's failed tests, those responsible need to do some time too. If you love cycling, we need to know our "heroes' are just that. Clean, hard riding, super fit athletes. Nothing more.


I like this site because of your rose colored glasses. You are the only site that focuses on the good in cycling instead of the dark mirky issues like doping or the politics of sport. Please at least keep the course there are enough places to read about how bad the sport is.


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