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Giro di Pez: The Transition
Roadside Report: Today at the Giro sees the PEZ roadside crew transition from the Italian stylings of Alessandro and Angelo to the Scottish wit of Ed Hood. Before Ed takes the reins though lets take a look at some more great photos that Angelo took during his time roadside for PEZ.

Words and Pics By Angelo Giangregorio

The individual time trial of Saltara intrigued Ale and me since the official presentation of the Giro 2013 and soon after we started to fancy a great week-end of cycling, a real full immersion in our favorite sport.


In the end that fantasy had become reality and I came to Fano with my camera and the press accreditation. The stages on Saturday and Sunday are very different, a time trial first and then a fast day on the Apennine mountains. It's impossible for me to imagine in advance what to do with my camera at the races, everything is left to chance and previous experience.


While watching on TV a time trial could be a bit boring but on the road it's the best show cycling can offer, all riders will pass by one at a time in front of you!



So we decided to walk along the course and the idea turned out to be perfect because in addition to the riders we met a lot of people that is the other half in cycling photography. Boys and girls, old or young, hard core tifosi or casual spectators...




While watching the race on TV we tend to cheer for our favorite rider, on the road you love everything and everyone is surrounding you.



The next day it was all different story we left Sansepolcro before the peloton and so instead of chasing the group we were chased! Driving on the course was great and the acme was reached in the city of Anghiari where we passed through a huge wall of tifosi. The Passo della Consuma where we decided to wait for the group was a much quieter place but really beautiful.



Then Firenze, actually one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but this time I'm focused on cycling and less about art. The finish was great and apart from the winner my applause goes to Carlos Betancur who showed great form. Alla prossima Ale! See you next time!





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