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PEZ Talk: World Junior TT Champion Bob Jungels
Yesterday, PEZ spoke with young American talent, Lawson Craddock, today, we move up two steps to World Junior TT Champion, Bob Jungels. The 17 year old from Luxembourg took time to talk to PEZ about his recent, rapid win. Here's what he had to say...

PEZ: you did 28.5 kilometres in 40 minutes to win the world junior TT title, that's 52 kph - how did you train to go so fast on the day ?
The Training for the World's was pretty hard and long. I started with it about 2 months ahead of the Worlds. I spent a lot of time on my TT bike, even in the mountains. I did two training camps, the first one in the Alps with my road bike and the other one in Germany with my time trial bike. Finally I did a stage race in Germany two weeks ahead of the world's. So I did not so much races but just improved my shape by training.

PEZ: Who coaches you?
I have 3 coaches, my dad, Christian Swietlik ( National team coach) and Lucien Didier who's my personal coach.

There was another rider from Luxembourg that was once a champion in all three major disciplines. Andy Schleck ring a bell?

PEZ: You are Luxembourg junior TT, road and cyclo cross champion.
I think that junior cycling is not as competitive as in other countries, but we have a lot of good riders in every discipline.

Jungels is a threat on three different bikes: road, time trial, and cross.

PEZ: What's your favourite event and why?
My favourite discipline is the TT, because it's individual. You have nobody who can help you, it's just you and your bike.

PEZ: Your position on the Cervelo is excellent, how did you achieve it?
I did a lot of tests to find which position is the best one for me. I visited a wind tunnel but I did also a lot of tests during training, just about my feeling on my bike.

PEZ: Did the Luxembourg media get excited about your win?
Yes of course, Luxembourg is a little country and so every newspaper published my victory.

PEZ: Have any pro teams been on the phone?
Yes, some teams are interested.

What's not to smile about for Bob Jungels?

PEZ: Your website,, is very professional.
Yes, there is an agency, which has done my website.

PEZ: How big an influence are the Sclecks upon you?
They have a huge influence on me. It's just fantastic when you see a Luxembourgish young cyclist like Andy for five days in yellow at the Tour de France. And I'm sure that Frank would also have done a very nice result had he not crashed out. So for me it's a big motivation to continue training and to believe in myself.

Jungels topped the recent Junior Worlds podium over Sacha and American Lawson Craddock.

PEZ: Do you still attend college?
Yes, I'm still going to school; I have two more years to go.

PEZ: You are only 17, but have been a serious cyclist for ten years - do you worry about 'burning out?'
No, not at all. My coaches are very professional and they know what to do.

At 17, it's hard to imagine where Jungels will be in 10 years, but you could do worse than bet that he'll be racing in the ProTour.

PEZ: And your main goal?
To be a professional cyclist.

Just 17 - The next Cancellara? Time will tell.


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