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Tour de France, foto Marketa Navratilova/Cor Vos ©2000 Etappe-2, David Millar en Lance Armstrong
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Tour de France, foto Marketa Navratilova/Cor Vos ©2000 Etappe-2, David Millar en Lance Armstrong
Montpellier - France - wielrennen - cycling - radsport - cyclisme - Oleg Tinkov   pictured during stage 11 of the 2016 Tour de France from  Carcassonne to Montpellier, 164.00 km - photo JdM/PN/Cor Vos © 2016
PEZ Interviews: Astrid – The TDF Podium Hostess
As you will by now realize, following the entire Tour de France is no picnic. But just when you think you’ve been snubbed by one too many French innkeepers, the Pez sends down the difficult assignment to interview one of the infamous Tour de France podium girls.

The podium girls at the Tour de France are the cream of the crop. I was lucky enough to be granted an interview with Podium Girl Astrid Orioux, one of four the Tour organizers employ each year for “protocol duties.”

Astrid Orioux stikes a pose.

If you’ve been watching this year’s coverage on TV you know this year’s crop of girls are smoking hot. But having the chance to sit down with Astrid and talk with her, I can tell you that she is also beautiful on the inside. During our interview, she smiled a lot, laughed and answered some very personal questions.

Scott: Where are you from?

Astrid: I am from La Rochelle on the west coast of France near Bordeaux but I am living in Paris now.

Scott: What is the most fun part about being a Tour de France podium girl?

Astrid: Getting to meet so many wonderful people! (big smile)

Scott: Being on the Tour de France podium, your image is broadcast all over the world. Has anyone surprising recognized you and called you up to say that they have seen you on TV?

Astrid: No, no one surprising, only my family and my best friend.

Scott: What type of process or competition did you have to go through to before being selected to be a Tour de France podium girl?

Astrid: First there are over five hundred applications each year. Then, the Tour organizers bring in fifty girls for interviews. From that they select four for protocol duty at the Tour de France.

Scott: What is your job when you are not working at the Tour de France?

Astrid: I am a full time model. [Duh! – ed.]

Scott: What type of modeling do you do?

Astrid: I worked at the French Open tennis tournament this year doing a similar job as at the Tour de France, a volley ball tournament and I recently modeled wedding dresses for a magazine.

Scott: Are you married?

Astrid: No (big smile and a little laugh).

Scott: How did it feel to be wearing a wedding dress and not getting married?

Astrid: (more laughter and no direct answer)

Astrid in action.

Scott: When you do get married, will you marry a tennis player or a cyclist?

Astrid: (laughing) It is not important what he does. He doesn’t have to be either.

Scott: Does you husband have to be tall, dark and handsome?

Astrid: No, I don’t require any particular type.

Scott: Really? Our readers will be interested to know that…!

Scott: After the Tour is finished, will you go on vacation?

Astrid: No, I will return to my agency and go on modeling assignments.

Scott: What are your dreams for the future?

Astrid: To have a family of my own. (big smile)

Scott: Thank you, may we take some pictures now?

Astrid: If you like!

The yellow dresses worn on the podium arrive.

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