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Kortrijk- Belgium - wielrennen - cycling - radsport - cyclisme -  Wiggins Bradley (Team Sky) talking to the press during a press conference prior to the Omloop Het Nieuwsblad and Kuurne - Brussel - Kuurne races in Kortrijk, Belgium  - photo NV/PN/Cor Vos © 2015
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We now know the 2017 Tour de France route, it was announced live from Paris on Tuesday morning. Looks interesting, lots more to come on PEZ on the big race route.
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Kortrijk- Belgium - wielrennen - cycling - radsport - cyclisme -  Wiggins Bradley (Team Sky) talking to the press during a press conference prior to the Omloop Het Nieuwsblad and Kuurne - Brussel - Kuurne races in Kortrijk, Belgium  - photo NV/PN/Cor Vos © 2015
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Giro’09: PEZ Chats With Garmin’s Tyler Farrar
He won in Tirreno and he was close today, real close! Garmin’s Tyler Farrar (USA) took time out from admiring his ‘best young rider’ jersey, just long enough to talk PEZ through his first three days on the 100th Giro.

PEZ: Second, fifth, second; that’s not a bad start, Tyler.
Tyler: No; my objective here is to win a stage and I think I’ve shown that if I get the opportunity, then I have the condition to do it. For the next few days it’s a case of surviving the hills, but stages seven and nine look like they could end in sprint finishes.

PEZ: The TTT; what about those six lost seconds?
Tyler: It’s hard to think where we lost them, maybe we started a little too slowly, but then again we finished the fastest. It’s not that we did a bad ride; Columbia just out right beat us – they were the strongest team on the day.

Garmin couldn’t quite the Stage 1 TTT victory, but that was still a damn fine effort.

PEZ: How was morale after that?
Tyler: Sure, we were disappointed; we worked hard and it was a big priority, but that’s bike racing! Like I said, it’s not that we did a bad ride.

PEZ: Stage two and you were fifth; happy?
Tyler: I was a little frustrated; I had good legs but I lost it tactically, I made a few mistakes in the finale.

PEZ: Not a good day for Cav, today.
Tyler: No, there was a big crash at 10 to go and he got held up. It happened right beside me; I managed to stay upright but somebody rode into my rear gear and I was left with just the 12. The 11 wouldn’t have hurt in the sprint and neither would an easier gear to get up that hill in!

Cavendish’s day was a bit disappointing.

PEZ: Visconti’s late move looked dangerous.
Tyler: He put in a really good move, it was a hard circuit and the teams weren’t organised in the last kilometre; there were no trains as such – he nearly pulled it off.

This picture isn’t from today, but that’s irrelevant – Visconti made a strong move, and almost pulled it off.

PEZ: Did you have help at the end?
Tyler: Most of our guys got tangled in the crash; I just had Dave Millar with me, but he did a really good job, there was a difficult turn just before the climb with four K to go and he took me through there in second wheel – after that, it was up to me.

PEZ: Tell us about the sprint.
Tyler: It was a tough finish, it was false flat, winding up hill, there were no trains; it was just kinda swarming. It was down to who had most left; Petacchi went early again, there was a gentle left right and he just took a straight line through them – that was the advantage of going early and being at the front.

The whole fly-over thing kinda goes with the Ale-Jet thing. Kinda.

PEZ: Was it ‘hairy?’
Tyler: It wasn’t too bad, I got a little boxed and had to squeeze through on the barriers, but you know, all sprints are a little crazy!

PEZ: What’s Petacchi’s main strength?
Tyler: I haven’t sprinted against him often enough to know his strengths and weaknesses, yet – just at Tirreno and twice here. He’s obviously one of the best in the world, so he’s good at all aspects of sprinting, but I need to ride against him more to learn about him.

Farrar has certainly done it in the past: his stage win at Tirreno-Adriatico beat pretty much all of the sport’s best sprinters.

PEZ: ‘What ifs?’
Tyler: Maybe if I hadn’t broken my derailleur; otherwise there’s not a lot else I would have done differently.

PEZ: So near, yet so far, for you.
Tyler: It was frustrating, like I said, I came here with the goal of winning a stage and I thought today was a good opportunity. But taking the young riders’ jersey is good consolation – to get any jersey in a Grand Tour is pretty special.

Petacchi was once again unstoppable today.

PEZ: Do you think your enforced rest after your Primavera crash may have been a blessing in disguise?
Tyler: Definitely, it didn’t seem to hurt me, anyway. After Tirreno and Milan – San Remo, I should have been heading north for the Belgian classics, from de Panne through Flanders, Gent – Wevelgem to Paris – Roubaix. Instead, I was sitting on my couch! I think I got rest before I actually needed it and I’ve come back fresh and motivated.

PEZ: How has the media attention been?
Tyler: I have had a fair bit; I’m a fairly new to this level and the media are always interested in new face.

Farrar has his sights set on some solo podium time with a win at some point during this Giro.

PEZ: I have to ask – can you beat Ale Jet?
Tyler: I think so! I beat him at Tirreno; I’ll need to do everything right and it all has to click, but yeah, I think so.

We’ll have to wait until we’re back out of hills before we can take up that story again – but it’s worth looking forward to. Meanwhile, Tyler – we hope those climbs don’t hurt too much and thank you for your time.


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