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Lido Di PEZ: Walking the TTT Course
Giro '09 St. 1: We all go to the cycling to see the riders but it’s the fans and the other “goings ons” that make the bike race. After a late dinner and drinks session with some old friends was followed by a sleepless night thanks to a disco over the road, a nice morning walk to have a look around the course was just what the doctor ordered.

After closing day 1 by keeping up the PEZ tradition and being one of the last to leave the press room, it was time to start thinking about the 20.5km team time trial.

To see who was about, I headed out for a look around the town. Also on the agenda was to check out some parts of the course, some good spots for pictures and of course some well placed balconies to talk ourselves up onto.

...This way please...

As you would expect from any self respecting host town, the route has been completely resurfaced for the race. Unfortunately for the locals, the road works that have probably been dragging on for months will have to wait a bit longer!

On the waterfront, things were quite calm at the 1km to go mark.

In the residential sections of the course, there are plenty of small bridges that are always fun to ride over on a TT bike at 50-plus km/h.

Looking back along the course.

When the race comes to town, plenty of businesses reap the benefit. This bar on the final corner of the TT course will do a roaring trade today.

This guy, however, will be wondering why he is making no money on a day when there are more cars on the island than any other day of the year.

You might as well go home!

US cycling fans, Martyn and Nathan had staked out their spot on the TT final corner since just after six this morning. The wives were off enjoying the day on the beach and will be joining them for the bikes...but not for the wait.

Like that hat Nathan!

Here’s what the riders will see when they are making that last ditch, leg-burning effort to claim the stage.

The guys doing the lines will be gone before the riders cross here, but you get the idea!

No chance of camera damage from champagne (or do they use prosecco?) when you come at this time of the morning!

On the way back to the start, we passed the small hotel that the Liquigas Team were camped out in. Most of the teams have taken a few rooms on the island just to give them somewhere to get ready before the stage start. No one wants to be locked up in a bus for 5hours if you don’t have to be.

Kjjell Carlstrom says “Hi there, read all about me on PEZ Cycling News!”

The first riders down the start ramp today weren’t actually the pro teams. There was a ride of the champions which included past cycling greats as well as Olympians from other sports and local celebrities.

Francesco Moser was all smiles. I don’t think a nice 20.5km roll will trouble this superfit legend.

Nice Legs. There are two Paris-Roubaix wins down there. Franco Ballerini, the man behind the Italian National Team these days.

Winner of the World Championships in Ronse, Mau Fondriest.

Back in the main part of town, the festival atmosphere was hotting up. This is what we have been waiting for. Everywhere you can see, the fans are getting into the action.

Hayden and Rachael from Sydney, Australia think pink is great!

So does Foska, although she was smiling before I asked if I could take her photo.

So it’s ok to donate blood, just don’t freeze it, store it and then re-inject it prior to racing.

Enrico, Girbecco and Emanuelle were making sure their shop looked as pink and as Giro as possible.

And now as the helicopters are circling and the teams are arriving it is time to search out the cyclists. We’ll see you back later today for the full race report and all of the roadside action from the Centenary edition of the Giro d’Italia.

It’s not the press room, but the view is quite good!

The sign says “Arrivo”, but now we are off to the real PARTENZA!


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