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Marcel Kittel, corridore dell'Etixx Quick-Step, questa mattina all'aeroporto di Lamezia Terme dopo il rientro dall'Olanda dove si sono svolte le prime tre tappe del Giro d'Italia 2016, 9 maggio 2016. ANSA / MATTEO BAZZI
Pra Loup - France - wielrennen - cycling - radsport - cyclisme - Contador Velasco Alberto (Team Tinkoff Saxo) pictured during le Tour de France 2015 - stage 17 - from Digne-les-Bains to Pra Loup on wednesday 22-07-2015 - 161 KM - photo Dion Kerckhoffs/Sabine Jacob/Marketa Navratilova/Cor Vos © 2015
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London - England - wielrennen - cycling - radsport - cyclisme - Nicole Cooke - Elizabeth Armistedt - Lucy Martin and Emma Pooley (GBR) pictured during road race elite women Olympic Games 2012 - foto Cor Vos ©2012 *** local caption *** 00906546
Houthalen - Helchteren - Belgium - wielrennen - cycling - radsport - cyclisme - Kopecky Lotte (Belgium / Lotto Soudal Ladies) - Kitchen Lauren (Australia / Hitec Products) Druyts Kelly (Belgium / Topsport Vlaanderen - Etixx) Tuslaite Daiva (Lithuania / INPA Bianchi) pictured during Trofee Maarten Wijnants in Houthalen Helchteren - photo Anton Vos/Cor Vos © 2016
Arnhem - Netherlands - wielrennen - cycling - radsport - cyclisme - The Devol and Marcel Kittel (Germany / Team Etixx - Quick Step) pictured during stage 3 of th 99th Giro d'Italia 2016 from Nijmegen to Arnhem in the
Mailbag: PEZ Reader Compliments!
Mailbag Here’s a selection of Reader emails and messages that offer up some real world commentary on how well we do our jobs. Thanks to everyone who took time to drop us a line.
– Pez

Well done!
Richard, you did a really nice job with the redesign. In general, folks hate new designs, but you’ve done a lot to improve yours and reduced the clutter significantly. Wonderful photography, which is one of the things that distinguishes you along with the travelogues. I think your users will like it over time and, hopefully, you’ll find advertisers approve as well given the larger formats they’ll have to work with.

I worked at Time Inc. for years, building,, CNN/Money among others. I know how difficult it can be to go through a relaunch.
John Squires

Hi Mr. Pez,
Firstly congratulations on your success and your new site design. Pezcycling has been a daily stop for me for a number of years and your content continues to entertain and keep me informed.

One suggestion I do have though is do you think it would be possible to add a “back to top” button for long articles such as EuroTrash or race reports? I love your idea of everything on one page and having pictures embedded in content but it is kind of a pain to have to drag or scroll all the way back to the top in order to move onto the Daily Distractions.

Of course if this you think I’m completely off base or disagree that’s cool too. Its your site and I’ll still keep reading. Congratulations again on the new site and hope all is well,
– Chris

Seriously!!!!! the new site is FANTASTIC!
You’ve gone from my third goto daily to my first! Even before Moto GP!!!
ummm…really its the distractions that drive it!
BUT HEY! once there the content is fantastic! The new format is way friendlier!

thanks….I know its hard work.
– Larry Bivik

Loving the site! Always good to have a completely new redesign rather than updating.
– Nic Zuraw

Flaws? What flaws? We don’t need no stinking flaws! All is well my man. You got the juice. I can see that.
BTW, nice new web site. I like it. More on that later.
Everything I found not working as I think you intended in the first few days is now working, and I’m thinking I’m now seeing the new
Chapeau. To you and the whole crew. Job well done. Global man, global. Cool. From your office.
Peter Bushman

Team Pez,
Great job! Looks a lot neater and eye pleasing. If you run into Mr. Parks tell him John says “hey!”

Hey Pez-
Thanks for avoiding the whole LA/doping crap on your site.

The way I see it, it’s low hanging fruit for the sensationalists and the folks that want to see him hang. Don’t get me wrong, I’m one of those people, but I’m so glad I can come here and take a break from that other stuff to read your pieces about travel, gear, and, of course the daily distractions. Your stories (and DDs) make me want to dive through my monitor regularly.
Keep it up.

Sure hope ’13 started out better than ’12!
Looking forward to the new design, altho’ can’t say the ‘old’ one lacks interest.
My wish for ’13 is that someone will devlop a mountain bike site of the Pez standard. Any suggestions in the meantime?
All the best for another great year.
Barry Glading

Once again you are my hero on the road, watching the race for me and helping me understand what it means to be “honoring the Lombardia.” Thanks again for sharing your thoughts as another season comes to a close.

(following the season from the US)
Yes, indeed.

Not be belabor my compliment to you but indulge me for a moment: Your site is one of the few go-to sources I look to each day for cycle racing updates, bike info and inspiration on so many levels. In many ways, it’s the best. And the pics..yeeeow! Your site is a close look at pro racing and cycling outside of my US Gulf Coast home area, well, the world, as you so well know.

I don’t race bicycles and never will, at my age. I was an off-road motorcycle racer for almost 20 years. I got into cycle as training for MX and enduro racing. I briefly held a pro MX license 40 years ago and was unofficially rated as the slowest and most careful racer in North America. A dubious distinction but distinct, nonetheless. I wouldn’t trade those several years for anything. I’ve remained a cyclist ever since.

Pro cycling is still the most exciting competition I’ve ever witnessed. Your coverage and what we see on TV are so much better than in past decades. The only other “sport” I pay attention to is endurance sports car racing but I’ll never sit in an Audi R18.

At least I can still ride a bicycle.

Keep the fire lit, Pez. It’s obvious you’re having fun. That’s probably the greatest inspiration.

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This is a General comment type.

Got to take a moment and thank Pez staff for another great journo job. Love you guys! Matt

Thought you’d like to hear some feedback on real world results of your site’s advertising and content.
I read the story posted a couple weeks back on the Praxis Works rings. From that I went to the Praxis Works web site and learned more about the company and their products.
A few days later I was riding with one of my riding buddies and he was talking about replacing his drive train on his two year old Superfly. I asked about the condition of his BB and crank, and if the reason he was replacing his drive train was due to chain stretch/wear and/or cluster wear and/or ring wear. He said ring wear and chain stretch.
I shared with him what I had learned about the Praxis Works rings and their products and suggested he check it out.
A couple of days later we were riding again and he mentioned he did go to the Praxis Works web site and ordered some rings. He’s going to save a couple hundred bucks by replacing only his rings/chain/cluster, instead of the whole drive train.
Yesterday my buddy was telling me about how he installed the new rings and other parts on his Superfly and kept working his shifters to fine tune the new set up. I kept thinking his front derailleur cable was too tight as the shifting was so fast… He then began to realize the reason the front shifts were happening so fast was due to the new rings.
Perform as advertised. Too cool!

When it gets time for me to replace my rings/chain/cluster, guess what I’ll be doing…?

You sell advertisement, your readers read about the products, and they buy them. Commerce. Huh, go figure.

Congrats on 10 years BTW… I look forward to 10 more.

Peter Bushman
Martinsburg, (MTB heaven) WV

I am not sure if I have mentioned this before, but I am really proud of Pez not reporting on the “trash” that occupies the other sites.

It is a real pleasure knowing that I can come here everyday and read about the good things that are going on in the sport we love. It may seem like the Ostrich point of view, but I realize you have made a point to let the other sites take care of that and not get dragged into the fray.

Thank you

Mark Young
Director of Technology
Santa Rita Union School District

Pez, I gotta say I keep coming back to you from other websites and saying what gives? How is it you can consistently keep bringing great content…no wait…superb content week after week, and the others look like they struggle to meet a deadline? Plus, the much better coverage of cycling’s better-other-half: Women’s racing. Pez really deserves a Rainbow Jersey for cycling web-journalism.

-Mark Stranzinger

My favorite PEZ articles are the ones which talk about the towns, the
people and the food & drink in the areas the races traverse. They give
a really nice feel for what the area is like, and do a wonderful job of
capturing the atmosphere in and around the races. Jered is especially
good at these.

I have been reading PEZ almost every day for the past several years and
hope you continue for several years to come. Thanks for putting out
such a nice product.


Mike Cizek

Thanks so much for the quality interviews, history, and current topics in modern cycling. I visit your site daily and love it. The historical articles, like the two you currently have posted on tomorrows Lombardia race are terrific. I am a fan of cycling and live it to the core, thus, the more I read and learn about our cycling past, the more I enjoy it’s simplistic pleasures. Almost more than I enjoy perusing the daily distractions. :)
Keep up the good work!
K. Harrah
Blacksburg, VA

Julky 7, 2011

Stefan Kozlowski

Thanks and I can’t praise PEZ enough. One of the reason’s I felt comfortable buying my Lynskey was because PEZ had done several reviews and mentions of Lynskey bikes. As I said, I take anything published on your site as unbiased and authoritative and in the modern incarnation of the internet, such sources should be revered and celebrated. Thanks for all the good work.

Hi folks,

Again tour de pez, exceeding all expectations, fantastic journalism and photography looking forward to more great tour adventures, keep up the best cycling website in cycling.

Marty Benson

Jul1, 2011
Richard and crew,

I’ve just now finished completing an online survey for, so I thought I should drop a line and give you my perspective on Pez. Bottomline, Pez definitely has a niche in the online cycling news/features business…in other words, it provides content that my other favourite sites [Cyclingnews and Velonews] do not provide.

My favorite things on Pez:
• Features on “great rides”. I like your pieces on visits to the Giro, the rides on the stages and descriptions of the food, drink and people. I’ve been to Europe on two cycling trips [French Alps and both sides of the Pyrenees] and plan others in the future. I like all these kinds of pieces that Pez carries, including Gered’s rides through Austria and other places, I like the pieces from your Brits on the Belgium classics and all the atmosphere…all that kind of stuff. [Advertisers should take note that these kind of pieces shape how I would spend my travel dollars in Europe and elsewhere.] My regular Saturday morning group ride is more likely to discuss your formula for a negroni than the latest Contador doping story.
• I like stories on bikes and gear. Charles does great in-depth pieces and I would like to see more of them. You have also done good stuff on bike reviews…and I would like to see more of them. [Advertisers should take note…that I value the information in bike reviews more than I value there ads, although I do check out man of the bike/gear ads that appear on the site. So product suppliers should know I am more likely to buy a product reviewed than just advertised.]
• Pez has the best cycling photos on the web. I love the scenery…and the resolution/quality is the best.
• I like the ToolBox pieces…and I read them all.
• I like the rider profiles…read many of them.
• I would like to see more pieces on great Canadian and U.S. rides. I’d say the Cypress and Seymour climbs rank with the best in the world for great climbs inside big scenic cities. The tops of Mount Baker and Mount Rainier come very close to Galibier, Tourmalet, d’Iseran, d’Izoard, Aubisque and other non-ski hill climbs in France. [Next stop for me is the Dolomites and the Italian Alps. Also La Finestre…you’ve convinced me I must do this. I usually do the trip planning for our little group, including wives, so I’ll drag them over La Finestre for sure, dirt roads and all.] I hear the roads around Bishop, California are as dramatic as the Alps…I hope to check that out soon.

No doubt I have forgotten something. Whatever, keep up the good work.

Terry McDonald

Pez writers and photographers,

From over here in America your reports and images capture the glory and emotion of cycling like no other “news” site or magazine. Thank you for your race reports, route descriptions, and gorgeous photography. The recent coverage of Lombardia by Edmond Hood and Alessandro Federico may have had its technical and logistical challenges, but the way they conveyed the events of the race and the emotion of the race was masterful. Your coverage tells the story of the giants of the sport and also the feelings in the heart of the common fan, all with well crafted and poetic writing and beautiful images.

A great thanks for bringing this experience into my life as a rider and reader.

Gordon Boice

Greetings, first things first; “best reviews/tests on the planet”!!! Why? Simple; thorough and trustworthy, I feel comfortable and secure making purchase decisions based on your reviews and recommendations.
Would appreciate your help on this one; am building a light bike this winter; Cervello r3sl platform with record 11 groupo and would like to swap the record crankset for thm-carbone compact. Are there compatability issues? Front derailer, chain rings, etc. etc. Help!!! Kind of stuck on Campy as I have it on my C50 [10] and really like the system; have not purchased yet as I wanted to do the research first
With thanks, Alexander Thorburn

Thank you for the excellent organization of your website. Easy to navigate. You have certainly taken over from as the most serious and thorough news source in English.
Your’s appears to be the only news source in English that actually employs reporters to bring stories to us the cycling fan.
I also appreciate that you haven’t abandoned track cycling as has most of the cycling media. You have kept in on the front page along with other cycling news when it is warranted. Thank you for that!
Ed Hood’s articles have been excellent and inspirational! Keep him writing!.

Other news sources spend way too much time talking about the Tour! Even 10 or 11 months out! It’s way too much!
It has gotten to be old news and the tour can never live up to all the hype it is given. There is so much more to the sport of cycling and PEZ is proof of that. Your stories and interviews cover the vast variety of serious cycling that is out there and is a much fresher read than any other site that I know of. Please keep it up!!

Bob Williams
National Sports Center
(763) 785-5614

Richard Pestes
PezCycling News

Just a quick email to say thanks for the great coverage of the TdF. I was an adherent of the ‘other cycling news’ site until I discovered PEZ about 18 months ago. Since then, I have followed both sites. However, in recent times PEZ seems to have stepped up the level of more personal content. Real people on the ground writing about their experiences and impressions of races and regions. In contrast, the ‘other CN’ site has shifted to a far more commercially orientated formula. It reads like a cheap tabloid news rag. Thus, PEZ has now become my primary source of cycling news. Keep up the great work. Bring on the Vuelta and the Worlds!

Regards from Australia,
Paul Wiseman

Dear Pez,

I’ve been becoming a more involved fan of cycling for the past several
years, and have been reading on-line about it for about 3 years. I’d just
like to say that I now consider your coverage of cycling in general, and the
TDF in particular, the best available in English. Although you did your
fair share of reporting on Lance, I love that you continue to cover riders
like Maxime Montfort and others from the European side of the peloton. Your
analysis of the dustup with George’s bid for the yellow jersey was spot-on.

I think this year’s coverage was a step up from previous years. For me, the
highlight was Chris Carmichael’s pieces. Being able to read about Lance and
other riders from the perspective of a training professional added a lot to
my understanding of what was going on. Getting him is a major coup.

And next year, get Jered to write more. I love his race reports; the dry
humor is great.


Dear Richard,

It is really good that you want to receive commentary on your performance reporting races such as the tour and some other races, as sometimes despite all your planning and hard work it is really difficult to know if you are getting through to your audience. Well, as for me, during the Giro and Tour I set PEZ as my initial website on internet explorer, mostly because you do not only focus on the race, and the results (which many other cycling pages do), but also on many other things that surround the race, such as the scenery, local gastronomy, interviews with some former champs and reports on races from the past. It is really all that stuff that makes for an interesting reading and an interesting website. And what makes it a fun website to visit and read is the fact that one can tell when the people who are writing the articles and making the website possible are having fun doing their job too. If you Richard and Gord and Ed and Jered and somebody else whose name I am missing are having fun doing your job, then we will be having fun reading your stories and chronicles and you can be certain to have a lot of people visiting your website again and again. Seeing some pictures of you or Gord climbing the iconic climbs that will be tackled a month later by the pros is really worthwhile, as it’s nicer to see someone who can climb like a mortal (me) struggling through those impossibly steep hairpins than it is to see pictures of only the pros who go up 15% inclines as fast as I go on a flat road. Congratulations for that great work you have done during the tour and thank you at the same time.

Best regards.

Jorge Guzman
Puebla, Mexico.

Hey Richard & Crew– Thanks for the great job a le Tour. Shoutin out a great “Amen” to your tdf final wrap, Richard. Thanks and enjoy the Okanogan!

Best regards,

Matt Anderton
Anderton Law Firm

So the key thing is this, we can all read race reports, pick up results, gossip and the like from a mountain of cycling websites. What I can’t find anywhere else is the human stories, what the Tour and for that matter the Giro and the Vuelta, mean to the life around the Grand Tours, to the people.

That makes a big difference and why I come back to Pez on a daily basis

Keep up the good work

Donald Young
thanks for the great tour coverage – I enjoyed every article

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to me
show details 4:57 AM (8 hours ago)

Kind regards, Richard

You are the best. The background stories take me back to my Tour and Giro trips. Thanks!

Sent from my iPhone
Russell Burnett

David May
to me
show details 1:16 PM (13 minutes ago)

just like to say your tour coverage was your best yet…great to be able to catch up with events straight after the race and hats off to all of mix of opinions and best of all – a bit of humour.cheers.

Once again kudos to you and your team for a fine job. The mix of race coverage and roadside reporting was great. I especially liked the addition of Chris Carmichael’s insights.

On a personal note this was my first experience at the TDF in person and I can now vouch for the authenticity of the roadside reports you have done for years from especially at the Giro and TDF. Having attended World Cups, Olympics, & pro football, basketball, baseball championships there is no comparison.

From riding the courses, watching the TTT head through roads no bigger than an alley and then watching the finish on a small TV in some Frenchman’s driveway, to my wife getting great shots of George Hincapie kissing his wife as he heads off to work from the Tour village in Girona, to Boonen asking my Belgian friends in Flemish if “everything was cool” after they chanted “Tommeke, Tommeke, Tommeke” as he made his way in the autobus up to Arcalis, to the smile on the Norweigan fellow’s face across the road because Thor gave him a thumbs up from the same group, to my wife talking her way into a tour of the Astana bus in Andorra La Vella after the stage (when I asked her who let her on, she said “some guy in an Astana jacket” and showed me his photo she took – it was Ekimov).

Try having an experience like that at the Superbowl. Now I know why you guys love getting over there.

Keep up the good work
Bill Fournell

On Tue, Jul 28, 2009 at 1:43 PM, Jane Stevens wrote:
I am sorry I cannot comment on your previous year’s of coverage but I have to thank you for this years. Your brilliant writers bring the atmosphere of the tour into our homes as we drool at the scenery and competition on the TV. I think Lance did the race a huge favour returning to compete with the new blood. How many people watched just because he was back?

I have to thank you for the photo of the last steep corner of Ventoux because I have been there. With the wind. As I watched and texted (?) my friends who were there with me we relived the whole experience.(Each of us up really early in our respective cabins on the Shuswap and Fernie). We were so thrilled that the race had come back to Ventoux after out ascent in 2006. We are somewhere between 40 and 50, female, avid cyclists, Mom’s and fans of the Tour even more so after this year and discovering the Pez.

I was introduced to the Pez by Scott English. Not sure of the contact there.

Thanks a million
Jane Stevens

Hi Guys,

Just a big thanks for your hard work again! Changes? Nah, you guys give us a great perspective on everything cycling, don’t change a thing – oh ok then give us more!!!

Regards, Wayne


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