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Goodbye, Jerry
The cycling world has lost a true pioneer and I have lost a friend and mentor with the passing of Jerry Casale. Casale, Promoter of the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, GA and co-founder of the TD Bank Philadelphia International Championships, commonly referred to in Philly and within the cycling community as “Corestates” since 1985 leaves behind a saddened family but also a family of friends and cyclists with deep connections to him.

Back in 2004, we interviewed Jerry Casale here

Since 1929 Hill Cycle Shop was a staple in the Philadelphia area. Many world-class athletes started turning the pedals at Hill Cycle in the Chestnut Hill section of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The work ethic, fun, and values gained from the built-in hierarchy and mentoring on that team has lasted forever and that time was so important to many of us. Danny Fox said many of the riders started fixing flats and humping Schwinn Varsity bikes up and down the basement stairs at the shop." He went on to say that "for me, a big part of the experience was working in the shop with the Casale Family and the cast of characters that worked/hung out there." This is a group for people that were riders, supporters, or that appreciated what so many on the team did at all levels-Professional, Amateur, and Club.

As news spread of Jerry’s sickness and tough fight at Jefferson Hospital, just blocks away from his famous race course, Team Hill former friends, family, and some famous folks started tweeting or posting on our Face Book Group, Hill Cycle – Team Hill USA which Jerry was very active with, words of encouragement or reflections on what Jerry and Team Hill meant to them.

Here are some of these comments:
Rick Randolph – “There are a lot of hard roads in life, some because of terrain and some because of pain. Nothing is harder than seeing a loved one sick, diseased or
dying. The Casale's pain is our pain too. We silently ride with you now in this dark time in your lives and ours. Jerry, what a force for good for so many people!”

Pete Thallner – “My thoughts and prayers are with Jerry and the Casale Family. Jerry's influence on my life has stayed with me for 25 years. All of us touched by Jerry are privileged.”

Eric Poch – “Thoughts & prayers, love and hope to Jerry and the entire Casale family. Jerry is a personal inspiration to so many of us, as we know he is, and is cherished by you, his family. All the best, most sincerely.”

Lance Armstrong – via twitter-“Lance Armstrong Thinking about Jerry Casale. Jerry is one of American cycling's greatest friends and supporters. Hang in there buddy.”

I am happy to have known Jerry and will do my best to continue his legacy of promoting cycling, friendship, and strong values. You will be missed. Our staple club route, “The Grate ride” will never be the same.


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