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Cool Gift: The TOUR BABY Dvd
Here's a great gift idea for you - The Tour Baby dvd or video by filmmaker and cycling fan Scott Coady. They're on sale at a special Christmas price at - all you gotta do is send this story to whoever's buyin for you! Check out our review then send this story to a friend...

Thanks to modern technology, we’ve got more access to the Tour De France than ever – it’s live tv on OLN, all over the internet, even a play by play from your buddy’s cell phone on Alpe d’Huez. But this film by Scott Coady goes further, and presents a look at the race really unlike the rest…

I’ve been to the Tour many times, and I’ve shot my share of home video of my own Tour adventures. Anyone who’s done this knows that even with a lot of first-hand Tour experiences, it’s tough to share the raw energy and emotion of the world’s greatest sporting event with people who haven’t seen it for themselves.

That’s where The Tour Baby is different. Scott Coady loves bike racing – pure and simple. He’s a cyclist and ex-racer, he’s raced in Europe, he’s been to the Tour de France a bunch of times. Unlike the tv reports, the news, and other websites, Scott captures the essence of the Tour from a true fan’s perspective.

In 2000, Scott packed himself off to the Tour with not much more than a new video camera (which he hadn’t yet figured out how to use), and the anticipation of following the race. Along the way, with horseshoes firmly planted in his backside (for luck), Scott scored press access, met riders and TDF insiders, and wheedled his way into places that even seasoned TDF vets never see. The scenes of Lance in his hotel room the morning before stage 17 are priceless.

Capturing the whole wacky experience on tape, Scott takes us along for the ride, and a full-on insiders peak at the Tour - all from the perspective of a true fan. No one seems more surprised at his luck than Scott himself. And unlike some obnoxious and embarrassing fans, Scott knows his place – never sticking out like an idiotic foreigner, but instead blending in like a real cyclist.

The film plays out like one of your buddies home movies, but with the benefit of some crisp editing and added music, it’s actually a totally watchable piece of entertainment. You wanna show your non-cycling wife what it’s really like when you head to France each July? You want to relive some of your own experiences from the roadside? Whether you been to the Tour yourself, or are still planning your first trip, this film shows it like it is, without any pretentious bs or self-important narrative.

Scott has pledged to raise $100,000 dollars for the LAF, and has reached about half of that to date through sales of the dvd. So now you can help a great cause, and get a cool slice of TDF life like it’s never been presented before.

They're $24.95 for the DVD, and $14.95 for the VHS.

Get more info on the video, and order your copy at the website:


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