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Sunday July 15, 2018
Author Peter Cossins describes in his history of that first 1903 Tour de France, the inelegantly titled “Butcher, Blacksmith, Acrobat, Sweep,” the original Tour de France, something totally new and untried and flawed in many ways, “should be considered as one of the greatest events in sporting history.”
Friday July 13, 2018
Roadside PEZ: On Sunday, the 2018 Tour de France hits the famous cobbles of Paris-Roubaix for stage 9 and as PEZ-man Daniel Thevenon will be writing the race report we look back at 'Dan's Day in Hell'. Keep it PEZ for all the Tour action.
Sunday July 8, 2018
Book Review: As the 2018 Tour kicks off on the French coast, Leslie Reissner takes a trip down Memory Lane and journeys the Tour de France routes of the past. Mapping le Tour by Ellis Bacon maps the journey taken from the first Tour to 2014 when the French race hit the roads of Yorkshire.
Friday July 6, 2018
Four of the brightest stars of American men’s cycling in the last decade, Lance Armstrong, Floyd Landis, Levi Leipheimer and Tyler Hamilton, all eventually admitted to doping, wreaking irreparable harm on their sport and tarnishing the credibility of its signature event. But they also raised the visibility of modern cycling in America to a level it had not known before.
Sunday July 1, 2018
We have shelves full of books about the great climbs of the world, and about effective training but, oddly, one cannot recall a book specifically devoted to the art and practice of going uphill. Now Selene Yeager, has nicely filled that gap with her new book, “Climb!", which indeed deserves the exclamation mark.
Sunday June 24, 2018
TOUR'16 Roadside: For every Batman there is a Robin and Callum MacGregor is the Robin to Ed Hood's Batman. Callum is the PEZ Tour de France chauffeur; yes, he sees the French Grand Tour close up, rub shoulders with the stars, photograph the distractions and drive on those closed roads, but he does have a lot to put up with. Driving Miss Eddy.
Friday June 22, 2018
Tour Retro: As the 2018 Tour de France is about to kick off, our Grand Tour maestro, Ed Hood, is trying to rekindle his love for the big three week tours after the 'farce' that was the Giro d'Italia. In this attempt Ed has taken a look back on the past Tours that have personal meaning - good or bad. The Tour highs and lows for Ed Hood.
Sunday June 17, 2018
The science of anti-doping takes center stage in Dr. Bill Apollo's analysis of Chris Froome's adverse finding for an asthma medication. Dr. Apollo, a cardiologist and avid cyclist, thoroughly dissects the science behind Salbutamol, its therapeutic use, Froome's drug test, and his possible defense strategy.
Friday June 15, 2018
Eddy Merckx, Bernard Hinault and Chris Froome are all champions, they are the only three riders to have won consecutive Grand Tours, but is it fair to compare different generations? Ed Hood takes on the thankless task and looks at all the facets of these 'Kings of the Road' to find how they measure up as men, icons as well as bike riders.
Sunday June 10, 2018
“Show me the money!” was a line from a noted film but in “American Pro,” an insider's look at professional bike racing in America, nobody is asking that question because they all know there isn't any. As author Jamie Smith notes: “In the supermarket of sports, cycling is located so far up the niche sport aisle, it's invisible to the naked eye. It sits atop a high shelf out of reach of children...”
Wednesday June 6, 2018
Ed's Opinion: The recently concluded Giro d'Italia has brought back some less than pleasant memories from Grand Tours past for Ed Hood, and with all the goings on in Italy an Ed rant was not far away. Suspicions, cynicism, doubt, mistrust and downright disgust have all crept into our Ed's cycling psyche. Rant Time!
Sunday June 3, 2018
The Giro d'Italia remains the race the Cool Kids like because it is wild and unpredictable and exciting. Originally inspired by the Tour de France, its history has been rather different, through topography as well as culture. This is all nicely set out in Colin O'Brien's “The Beautiful Race: The Story of the Giro d'Italia.”
Friday June 1, 2018
Since the Italian Grand Tour ended last Sunday there has been a heated discussion (argument) amongst the guys in the virtual PEZ Towers on whether it was a good or a bad Giro d'Italia? This year's race was many faceted and very controversial, but there was never a dull moment. OK, take it away gang!
Monday May 28, 2018
On stage 17 of the 2006 Tour de France American Floyd Landis wrote his own chapter in Legends of the Tour. Four days later they ripped the pages out. Landis went from cycling super-hero to villain so fast, he experienced vertigo. One moment the Phonak rider was rolling down the Champs Elysees, flag in hand, the next he was facing a firing squad of journalists, and looking shocked, bitter, and angry.
Friday May 25, 2018
Roadside Report: It's not a proper Giro without a little roadside coverage - á la PEZ - and there's been no better stage than this #19, which saw the man best known for dominating recent Tours de France tip the Italian tour upside down with an epic attack for the history books. PEZ-Man Daniel Thevenon takes us into the action right at Bardonecchia...
Wednesday May 23, 2018
The first Euro Cycle Festival took place last weekend in France with plenty of goodtimes and superb roads on the menu. The festival itself is a weekend of cycling celebrations that involved a bike show with new products, test days, a gravel ride, a hill climb TT and a cyclosportive in the snow! Chris Selden was on hand to check it out for Pez...
Monday May 14, 2018
It's a sad time for Ed Hood, 2018 is the first time he's not in Italy for the Giro since... well, a long time. So for the second rest day, Ed got his Giro photo album out to compile his personal 'Alternative A to Z' of the Italian Grand Tour.
Sunday May 13, 2018
Film Review: In the film “North of Nightfall” a group of four freeride mountain bikers mount an expedition to the High Arctic and enjoy some of the most dramatic scenery and challenging riding anywhere. On June 1, you can go to selected cinemas across Canada and be amazed.
Friday May 11, 2018
Retro Roadside Giro'11 Stage 9: The 2018 Giro d'Italia has moved on from Israel and is now on the Island of Sicily, Yesterday's stage 6 saw the peloton attacked monster climb of Mount Etna. Back in 2011 Ed Hood was roadside to see Alberto Contador finish the day as the volcano victor.
Monday May 7, 2018
Ed's Opinion: Ed Hood has been keeping his rants in check, but the sight of a 22 grand bike has got his blood boiling and don't mention 1x11 and disk brakes! Bikes need to be sold and new 'fashions' or 'technologies' need to be found to keep the cycling World turning. Rant time!