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Monday December 12, 2016
Cycling Nutrition: With “off” season in full swing for many cyclists, the same questions always start pouring in, “how do I lose weight in the off season?” “How can I not gain back weight in the off season?” or “should I stop eating carbs?” The last one always floors me. No you should not stop eating carbs…
Tuesday August 30, 2016
As the trend towards eating more real foods on the bike grows, I hear more and more questions about eating raw nuts, bars made with bacon and cheese or nut butters while racing or training. Let’s look to clarify why the average bike racer (not extreme ultra endurance events lasting over 15 hours) should not rely on fats as fuel during and immediately prior to competition.
Tuesday June 14, 2016
You’ve learned as an endurance athlete just how many grams of macronutrients you need to perform at your top potential. Surprised by the carbohydrate requirements you struggle to feel like eating is not a job at times, I get it. I’ve been there. It takes attention to be on top of your nutrition as an endurance athlete, especially if you really have a lot of volume in your training, but there are healthy, and tastey ways to maintain the nutrition you need as a cyclist.
Tuesday March 29, 2016
As endurance athletes we have so much to focus on. Training, hydration, sleep, equipment, getting enough protein, carbohydrates, how about good fats? How fast are we? Are we climbing well? Sleeping well? What about calcium and bone health?
Saturday November 28, 2015
The leaves are falling and the air is crisp. Nothing beats sneaking in a wintertime ride and coming back home to something warm. What’s on the menu? SOUP. Hearty, wholesome, nourishing, warm soup.
Tuesday September 29, 2015
Nutrition for cyclists in the off-season is key to staying fit and healthy through the winter, so let's talk about what to change, indulge in, volume and other needs for the months ahead.
Tuesday June 16, 2015
When we think of protein, our natural tendency is to think of meat. Many believe that without animal protein we are unable to get “high quality” or complete proteins. This however is not true. I’ve also laid out a great protein-rich recipe with quinoa to tempt your taste buds.
Tuesday March 17, 2015
A popular food among cyclists and athletes, oatmeal is likely to be found in most cupboards and hotel rooms across the racing scene this season. A great choice for carbohydrates and one of the more economical quality carbohydrate choices available, and with so many practical uses in the kitchen!
Tuesday November 25, 2014
Cycling is a demanding sport on both the mind and body. There are so many elements to keep in balance including training, rest, social and family life, work, relationships and nutrition to name a few. I connected with Canadian Professional Road Cyclist Lex Albrecht on how she keeps the balance as well as her thoughts on nutrition as a professional cyclist.
Tuesday June 3, 2014
How many times have you been exhausted in a race only to see your partner or teammate on the side line screaming and cheering for you; or even a wall of strangers on a climb screaming and motivating you along? Didn’t it give you that EXTRA something? Sometimes that extra something is all you need to bridge the gap, make the break or cross the line first. Can a hit of sugar be that motivator?
Tuesday April 1, 2014
As an athlete, your race season is ramping up. Your focus is on performance. Any weight loss you really needed to chip away at should have been achieved by now. It’s the time to keep building, to recover and get stronger, all of which require proper nourishment and carbohydrate intake.
Tuesday February 4, 2014
Simple and delicious cycling food: With race season just around the corner, I have visions of plenty of car travel, plane travel, time to and from hotels and host housing in team vehicles. Not to mention idle time resting with the legs up and large bottles of water in hand. So, what’s an athlete to eat between meals in their down time and travel time? Want to change it up a bit this season?
Tuesday November 26, 2013
Adrenal fatigue can be an underlying cause of the overtraining syndrome, and umbrella term for many causes leading to a decrease in performance and motivation. This week we look at a case study and some things that may be done to maintain adrenal health.
Tuesday November 19, 2013
Ever find yourself mid-season or end of season with no excitement for the bike? Ever feel grey, with low libido, extremely tired and struggling to get through a regular day? There may be a culprit you haven’t considered: adrenal fatigue.
Monday September 16, 2013
With “off” season around the corner for many endurance athletes, the same questions always start pouring in, “how do I lose weight in the off season?” “How can I not gain back weight in the off season?” or “should I stop eating carbs?” The last one always floors me. No you should not stop eating carbs…
Tuesday July 9, 2013
One of the joys of cycling and an active lifestyle is a seemingly unstoppable appetite allowing you to eat more calories than you otherwise could. Of course from nourishing foods :). However, some athletes deliberately choose a vegetarian or even a vegan lifestyle, whether by choice or for performance. Can you be a strong athlete with a vegan diet, and what are some considerations?