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BY AUTHOR John Howard

Thursday November 26, 2015
On the one year anniversary of Steve Hed's passing, John Howard remembers a man who inspired, invented, and gave cycling many things to be thankful for.
Saturday October 31, 2015
Being creative is synonymous with thinking & doing "outside the box". Never one to penned him himself, John Howard explores how exploring, expressing, and nurturing our creativity can also make us better cyclists.
Sunday February 1, 2015
Our Toolbox training expert, John Howard, has turned his hand to a bit of book reviewing and takes a look at one of the greatest and fastest men who ever raced. Major Taylor was a champion on the track, but as an African-American he was up against the prejudice of the time. Andrew Ritchie’s updated biography is work of art and a historic record.
Tuesday November 11, 2014
As a career competitor, coach, and idea-seeking sponge for over half a century, I’m reflecting on the performance evolution as a fact of untenable certainty. Being and developing a champion athlete has become more complex in the 21st Century and, for a creative, spirited athlete/coach, this is a very good thing.
Tuesday September 23, 2014
Attorney and former professional cyclist Bob Mionske says, “Don’t do it!” Traffic codes universally discourage it, and most rational individuals would consider it ill-advised. If that’s the case, what is the appeal of motor pacing?
Tuesday July 29, 2014
There is a growing world-wide calendar of endurance rides called Randeonneurs or brevets, and New England drivers can thank campaigning distance cyclists for their efforts in getting roads paved in the 1890s. The roots of American ultra cycling probably started with Thomas Steven’s 1887 American crossing on a high wheeler, a feat that still amazes me.
Tuesday May 20, 2014
The word “safety” when applied to the word “cycling” is a combination that draws a mix of general disdain from most serious cyclists. Boredom, and outright unconcern can be the typical responses. However, crashes are the dark side of cycling, and it's our duty to decrease the odds of it happening for ourselves and our families.
Tuesday March 25, 2014
Aging ‘warriors’ have been around since the beginning of time (see Noah…). Older athletes have been performing and competing just about as long; however, our current generation is the first to be involved in such large numbers. What are we truly capable of as we move through the years? And how do we find our path to athletic longevity and personal success?
Wednesday March 5, 2014
In my almost 50-year cycling career as a competitor, coach and bike fitter, I have been able to observe cyclists of every level, style and ability. I have boiled all of this experience down to one basic fact: cyclists are athletes in every aspect, no different from swimmers, basketball players or track & field athletes.
Tuesday December 17, 2013
Lots of new technologies have emerged in the world of bike fitting that has the potential to alter the language that we use when we are discussing bike fitting. However, the ultimate aim remains the same no matter what tools are or are not used. What does a successful bike fit look like in the end?
Tuesday October 29, 2013
As technology has moved to the forefront of the bike fitting landscape, old-school bike fitters like me who still blend art and science, now appear to be the fitting “underground”. What’s the correct approach towards melding modern technology, the expert eye, and experience in getting the best fit?
Tuesday July 23, 2013
If you ride time trials, we imagine you are wondering if a certain component or frame angles are actually optimal for a given TT. Having served up a formula for testing Controlled Conditions in our last article, we are now expanding that theme to include the actual testing procedure for all meaningful aerodynamic considerations and keeping these in perspective for your events.