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Tuesday January 24, 2017
Winter is a drag! Cold and wet, dark and generally no fun. Winter is glorious! Crisp mornings, bright sunshine warming through the cold, and hot coffee! Given this dichotomy what is an athlete to do? Mixing and matching your training in winter weather is essential and can be hugely beneficial.
Tuesday January 10, 2017
Best of 2016: You feel ready. You have done the training, the hours of riding and zone specific work to fully prepare your body for the onslaught to come. But is your bike as ready as you are? Go beyond just cleaning your bike to see how to make sure your bike is well-prepped for your race or Gran Fondo.
Monday December 26, 2016
Toolbox: The first of our 'Best of 2016' articles is a Do It Yourself Training Camp Toolbox by Matt McNamara, one of our most popular reads in 2016. Lucky are the few who get to venture south to bask in the sun, ride the fresh new kits and explore the unexplored roads on offer at camp. Why don’t you plan a camp for you and your team? Here are some suggestions.
Sunday November 20, 2016
Travel: Once again the Taiwan KOM Challenge has come and gone and riders from around the World are looking back to their climb through Taroko Gorge and up to the 3275 meter Wuling Summit, but there is much more to cycling in Taiwan than just one magical climb. Matt McNamara took a tour of Formosa recently to see for himself.
Tuesday November 15, 2016
There is little more that need be said about the Taiwan KOM Challenge. You probably already know that it is 100 kilometers of climbing, that it rises to 3,275 meters, and that roughly 400 people take on the challenge each year. There are, however, things that must be said about the experience.
Tuesday November 1, 2016
The fifth edition of the Taiwan KOM Challenge left the coastal town of Hualien, Taiwan on October 29th for the leg, and lung busting ride to the Wuling summit 3,275 meters above, and brought a big dose of action along for the ride.
Friday October 28, 2016
Rider Interview: Mark Dowling, the recently crowned National Hill Climb Champion of Ireland, is back at the Taiwan KOM Challenge for a third run at the imposing climb. PEZman at the Challenge, Matt McNamara, sat down for a quick chat the day before the event.
Tuesday October 18, 2016
These are great days! The cool fall weather and disappearing sun always bring back fun rides that define many seasons past. What can you do with rides during the fall to improve for 2017?
Tuesday September 20, 2016
Road racers rejoice! The season is coming to a well earned finale for most of the World and it’s time for a tasty beverage, a big couch, and a slice or two of pizza! Or is it? Should you take a break or keep your foot on the gas? Let’s weigh the arguments...
Saturday August 27, 2016
Ask a coach about “winning” and he might cite threshold power, great tactical acumen, or the importance of a strong team; each an important element without question, but what else goes into the equation? In the end it often comes down to mental focus and the ability to sort out the irrelevant.
Monday August 22, 2016
The newest thoroughbred in the Cipollini stable, the NK1K, arrived in understated shades of grey and silver. Without the splash of fluorescent color that helped define the brand out of the gate, does this signal a more mature model from Super Mario? Let’s go for a ride and find out.
Tuesday May 31, 2016
After the climbing festival that was the Giro, many of you may be considering your own epic climbing ride this season or next. After covering some training ideas last week, what are nutrition and equipment considerations that might be important in making it a fun rather than a survival ride?
Tuesday May 24, 2016
The Taiwan KOM Challenge offers up 11,000 feet of elevation gain in a 62 mile jaunt up the increasingly legendary Wuling Climb. Our Matt McNamara conquered it last October, and Toolbox Editor Dr. Stephen Cheung is tackling it this July. Let’s look at preparing for this or any other mega-climbing festival.
Saturday April 9, 2016
Riding the pavé of Paris-Roubaix is an experience so special it almost defies description. But for every rider's first time crossing these ancient roads, another story, unique to that rider, is written, as Matt McNamara discovered this week in northern France.
Friday April 8, 2016
Zipp used the iconic Tour of Flanders to launch a quiver of new products designed to further the company’s push for innovation and market leadership. New wheels included the new 303 NSW, and disc versions of the Firecrest 404 and 808 wheels, plus a new SL Speed stem and seatpost aimed squarely at the performance market.
Tuesday February 23, 2016
Once you know your own or your team’s racing schedule and you have analyzed the course, the next step is to put the actual team together and a plan for the race. What are the moves that define a well-oiled team versus a chaotically random team of individuals?
Tuesday February 16, 2016
Last week at the Tour of Qatar, Team Katusha offered viewers a day to day primer on the value of a solid team plan executed to perfection, netting 3 stage wins in the process. Read on to learn how you and your teammates can begin to emulate the sort of selfless racing on display by the big dogs.
Saturday January 9, 2016
The Oru Airport Ninja travel case is light, sturdy, and small enough to avoid those hefty fees the airlines love to charge to anyone travelling with a bike. Matt McNamara flew his to Asia, and returned with this review.
Monday November 9, 2015
The Taiwan KOM Challenge is an utterly unique experience. Each year the prestige and mystique of this 105 kilometer event boasting over 3275m of elevation gain continues to grow. For this fourth edition our intrepid Coach Matt McNamara set out to tackle the beast…
Tuesday June 2, 2015
We have often discussed the value and importance of High Intensity Intervals (HIT) here at Pez. There is a reason, of course, they are a central component of racing success, yet questions remain, so let’s dive into the lactic acid pool once again!