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Tour de France 2015 - stage 21
BY AUTHOR: James Hewitt
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  • Tuesday July 28, 2015


    Find out more about lactate and how this incredible molecule plays many important roles in the body. Discover how you can use lactate as a preferential fuel source, how lactate may actually reduce acidity in tissues and even act as a ‘signalling hormone’ to drive training adaptations.

  • Tuesday May 12, 2015

    Tour de France 2004 Medische keuring 2

    You lean forward, driving down on to the pedals, legs exploding, chest burning, mouth wide open, sucking as much air as possible into your hungry lungs. That process of laboured breathing and ventilation is a primal force. Can we train our respiratory muscles to decrease the stress of breathing or even ride faster?

  • Tuesday April 7, 2015

    Hel van het Mergelland

    Fasted and ‘controlled carbohydrate’ training is getting increasing amounts of attention. There are suggestions that these protocols could even ‘remodel’ muscle in favour of using fat as a fuel. PEZ explores what the scientific evidence says, how pro cycling teams are using these approaches and what we could learn to enhance our performance in practise.

  • Tuesday July 25, 2006

    The final report from the Tour de PEZ is a few days late. Well, it just wouldn’t be France if the internet actually worked now would it, and anyway, these stories are like a good wine, they mature.... I hope!

  • Saturday July 22, 2006

    On his penultimate day chasing the race, James Hewitt gets up close and personal with a few of the stars of the sport and nearly has his bike stolen! Read on to find out how...

  • Friday July 21, 2006

    PEZ-Man braving the Tour in the field, James Hewitt, finds himself in Albertville for the final day in the mountains of 2006. After such a spectacular day at the TdF its pretty hard to try to compete with the Floyd so I will not try but if you are so inclined, read on!

  • Thursday July 20, 2006

    On his mission to bring you all the Tour and a press pass have to offer as well as a review of the French law enforcement community, Pez contributor and espresso impresario James Hewitt reports live from the summit finish in La Toussuire...

  • Wednesday July 19, 2006

    On his mission to follow the Tour and show you the sights that no eye has ever seen and hear sounds no-one has ever heard our intrepid adventurer tackled Alpe d’Huez. Read on to find out the real story of what its like to climb the famed mountain on race day...

  • Sunday July 16, 2006

    A day at the Tour is never boring. For example, this morning I was rushing around the Village Dйpart taking in the scene which precedes the start and now, six hours later I’m sitting in a French Alpine hotel writing up my experience after spending hours stuck in traffic behind slow moving lorries on roads just about wide enough for Jan Ullrich after a sausage eating fest!

  • Friday July 14, 2006

    Le Tour bakes in three more days of southern French heat as we make our way from the Pyrenees to the Alps. For stage 12, PEZ-Man James Hewitt swung by his old home-town near Carcassonne, testing the Look 595's ability to withstand his blistering sprint, and then taking in the finish line frenzy...

  • Thursday July 13, 2006

    Pez-man James Hewitt is deep in the Pyrenees – chasing le Tour like thousands of fans. But he’s the only fan riding the new 2007 Look 595, which came in handy as he hauled his carcass over the mighty Tourmalet, and survived a chase by the menacing ‘caravan’ to enjoy a typically French race-side lunch…

  • Wednesday July 12, 2006

    ...To stop the mighty PEZ-Cew from reporting to you! We're live and in color from Pau today, and James Hewitt has picked up where Ed Hood left off - digging deep into the fibre of this great race with the coverage no one else dares - or cares - to offer!

  • Wednesday June 28, 2006

    Note the title: “contender s”. The 2006 Tour de France has been touted as the most unpredictable since Lance Armstrong shot to fame in 1999. Far from being a two horse race, a number of thoroughbreds have a realistic chance, but who are these pretenders to the Texan’s throne.

  • Tuesday April 4, 2006

    PEZ’s Flanders weekend capper was easily our day chasing the race true Belgian-style – riding shotgun with Andy Deschuyffeleer and Inge Roesems – the father-in-law and wife of Davitamon-Lotto pro and Belgian TT champ Bert Roesems! You gotta drive fast to see the race 9 times – here’s how we did it…

  • Saturday April 1, 2006

    The day before the Tour of Flanders the PEZ Crew are on location in Brugge to sniff out the stories and hot tips before the race pulls out of the historic town centre Sunday morning… here's the latest from our chat's with Discovery, davitamon-Lotto, T-Mobile, and more...

  • Thursday March 23, 2006

    In our ongoing efforts to make you smarter, we’ve pulled on the protective eyewear and lab coats to better understand the scientific long formulae and multi-syllable words that explain the drug better known as EPO. Our own James Hewitt reportedly guzzled gallons of coffee sifting through the scientific ‘mumbo-jumbo’ to present a PEZ-guide to EPO, so you wouldn’t have to … down the coffee that is…

  • Saturday March 18, 2006

    Boonen, Petacchi and Hushovd were at the top of’s list. Friere or even Zabel had a look in. The usual suspects all lined up for the start of the 2006 Milano-SanRemo with the backing of cycling’s pundits and fans. However, nearly 300km is a long way and a lot can happen out on the road...

  • Thursday March 16, 2006

    The sport of cycling leads the way in testing for performance enhancing drugs, but how much do us ‘regular dopes’ really know about the rules and procedures that guide a rider’s sample from its submission for testing to submission as evidence?  Our James Hewitt rolled up his sleeves to explain the processes…

  • Wednesday March 1, 2006

    At the Saunier Duval team training camp in Murcia PEZ had the privilege to interview the amicable Rubens Bertogliati. Rubens shot to fame in 2002 when he stormed ahead of the peloton in the final kilometre to take the first stage of the Tour de France with Lampre. He has ridden for Saunier Duval since 2004.

  • Tuesday February 14, 2006

    At the Saunier Duval training camp in Murcia, we talked to Dr. Inigo San Millan of the medical team. He provided an interesting insight into what it means to be a doctor for a ProTour team today as well as revealing some of his thoughts on the future of cycling.