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  • Saturday January 27, 2007

    Luxembourg is a small (beautiful) country between Germany and France - but several good cyclists hail from there: CSC's Schleck brothers, as well Discovery's Benoit Joaquim. Today, we focus on a young rider who is not concentrating on the road - he rides strong in the mud and heads to the U23 Cyclocross World Champs this weekend, Jempy Drucker. Being part of the cyclocross scene for quite a while, he gives insight into his training, racing strategies, home life, and the future.

  • Wednesday January 24, 2007

    Cyclocross is incredibly popular in the countries of Belgium and Holland, and the popularity of course produces a steady stream of young talent - talents that no doubt hope to usurp the mighty reign of King Sven sometime in the future. One such Dutch hope, Ricardo Van Der Velde, at only 19, has already found considerable success both on the road and off. PEZ chats with the young gun about past, present, and future.

  • Friday November 10, 2006

    Any time a young racer racks up wins one year after the next, it’s a pretty good sign of what’s to come. Dominique Cornu won 4 national TT titles in Belgium and scored a 4th at the World’s in 2004 – until his breakout win in the U23 World TT Champs in Austria this year. He’s signed with Predictor-Lotto for ’07, and recently talked to PEZ…

  • Friday October 7, 2005

    New Zealand is a small country in terms of geography and cycling, that manages to each year score top results in international competitions. In September, 21-year old Peter Latham rode the all-black kit to a podium finish in the U23 Time trial. We talked to Peter about his short past, big present, and even bigger future…

  • Wednesday September 7, 2005

    Even for the most talented riders with cobble-solid resumes, graduating from the UCI’s espoir (under age 23) category can be a bit like bringing a baby home from the hospital: everything you did to get to this point suddenly seems a questionable lark; it all becomes real -- real fast!

  • Wednesday July 27, 2005

    He's one of the Newcomers for the 2005 season in the international peloton. Linus Gerdemann joined Bjarne Riis’ CSC squad in May 2005 and immediately began making waves. PEZ caught up with the young talent for an interview.

  • Wednesday March 9, 2005

    In Erlenbach, Switzerland, we recently met the secretary general of the European Cycling Union UEC - Mr Roland Hofer. As the race director of three ProTour events, he offers a unique PEZ-spective on international racing, the UCI ProTour and how to run the perfect road race…

  • Friday February 25, 2005

    The PEZ Carrier pigeon just flew in from Switzerland – (and boy are his arms tired – badum-chh!) with the latest from snow-bound PEZ-man Flo Wenk. Our original German correspondent continues his studies in sports medicine, and but finds that being winter in Zurich has some benefits…

  • Wednesday January 5, 2005

    A special guest Homeboy this week – direct from chilly Zurich, Switzerland! Our PEZ German correspondent Florian Wenk checks in after his recent move to continue his practical studies in orthopedic medicine, and finds that a few hundred kms can seem like a whole world away.

  • Monday November 1, 2004

    At the Worlds this year in Verona, a young German better known around the track than the road surprised everyone, including himself by taking the Junior Men’s TT title. We caught up with Patrick Gretsch long enough for 8 questions! Here’s what he said…

  • Thursday October 7, 2004

    Just after the Hessenrundfahrt, we had a short chat with Jukka Vastaranta, a young and aspiring rider in the Rabobank TT3 team and the sole Finnish participant the Worlds. We talked about his strong season in the U23 peloton and about the challenges of following a dream far from home…

  • Friday August 27, 2004

    In early July, Marcel Barth won the points race at the Junior Track Worlds in LA. We talked to Marcel about his win, and got some amusing perspective on Los Angeles, as seen through the eyes of a young German.

  • Wednesday June 30, 2004

    The Man Behind the Fork - You’ve seen him roadside at the Tour for years, and a photo with him is a must-have for true fans. The Devil is perhap the most famous fan in sports – and PEZ caught up with him as he made ready for the 2004 Tour.

  • Monday March 15, 2004

    The Sixdays season is over – but PEZ got the chance to talk with one of the world's best track riders: Belgium’s Iljo Keisse, who won the international UIV Cup, a series of sixday races for Under-23 cyclists. Finally we get an explanation of all those different races that make up a Sixday, and some secrets on how to survive in one of the toughest cycling disciplines of all.

  • Thursday November 13, 2003

    When the weather gets bad – the racing moves inside. That’s what they did last weekend at the Munich Six Days track race – and PEZ was there! In between steins of lager, sizzling sausages, and a veritable disco-like atmosphere true to big Six Day events, we actually saw some very fast racing…

  • Thursday August 21, 2003

    Two days in Stuttgart - and it's not all leiderhosen, pilsner & sausage! PCN went under the dome to see the World's Best going around in circles very fast. Here's our exclsuive Pez-Report on the Gold medal rounds...

  • Friday August 15, 2003

    Although tough to admit, or even accept, there really is exciting bike racing outside of road racing - you just gotta look "indoors". That's exactly what PezCycling News did when we sent our German correspondents "inside" the velodrome in Stuttgart for the recent Track World Championships. Here's Part 1 of an exclusive Pez-Report, on ultra lite bikes, super high speeds, and very short tracks...

  • Tuesday June 10, 2003

    It's just one more month until the centennial Tour de France. In the past week, several teams took the chance of riding the Deutschland-Tour, won by Michael Rogers (Quick.Step-Davitamon). Several TDF hopefuls were there to continue form-building before July, including "yumping" Jan Ullrich. Let's run the quick stats on who did what (or didn't), and start the speculatin'!