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  • Tuesday December 13, 2005

    If you have the bling this holiday season, a powermeter will bring 10 times more to your game than any ultra light frame, aero gizmo-zoo, or carbon component. And with the rise in popularity amongst the amateur ranks, the competition from training with power is fiercer than ever.

  • Tuesday November 1, 2005

    Active athletes need a balanced and moderate diet matched to their caloric intake, and nothing makes a bigger difference to performance than getting leaner. Take away all the jargon and mumbo jumbo, and all diets distill into one common principle – taking in less calories than what you expend…

  • Tuesday September 27, 2005

    This fall and winter the Toolbox crew is teaming up to bring PEZ readers an off-season series on well, the off-season! It’s all about the details that go into stepping it up for the 2006 race season. The sooner you start the more you can accomplish and we are collectively licking our chops to get started.

  • Tuesday August 23, 2005

    Wow, isn’t the race season over yet? It’s been a long and hard race season full of spills, thrills, and mega drama. At this time of the year, I know that the burnout rate is high and motivation is on the “DL”. The North America 2005 race season is well into the fourth quarter. For help ending your race season in style, read on.

  • Tuesday July 19, 2005

    With the Tour's Alps and Pyrenees behind us, it is quite evident which riders had form, lost their form, or found their form. Let’s take a closer look at what the commonly used cycling term “form” exactly is.

  • Tuesday June 14, 2005

    My ‘o my, is it June already? Is the race season already half over? Good grief that means we have to think about your end of the season goals and what that means for your training. Now that you’ve smashed the competition with your best peak performances ever, what’s next for your training?

  • Tuesday May 10, 2005

    Sounds like a line right out of a Fortune 500 prospectus, doesn’t it? Well, sort of. I was reading celebrity CEO Jack Welch’s new book WINNING and was particularly struck by his advice on leadership: “How can I manage quarterly results and still do what’s right for my business five years out?”

  • Monday February 28, 2005

    Whether you are a beginning time trialist or a world class competitor there are several ways to use aerodynamics to your advantage. Some are relatively inexpensive while others are prohibitively expensive. We got the inside scoop from noted exercise physiologist Dr. Asker Jeukendrup…

  • Tuesday January 25, 2005

    I made it out the door with about 90 min to spare before darkness and black ice would set in. What type of ride did I do? How do you go about achieving aerobic adaptations and adding some variety with limited time in the winter?

  • Tuesday December 28, 2004

    The Toolbox crew was unable to blackmail Pez into revealing his secret family recipe for the turkey stuffing that’s responsible for Mrs. Pez marrying him. Instead, how about a holiday recipe for energy bars that will keep you going with good nutrition for a fraction of the cost of what’s available on the market?

  • Tuesday November 9, 2004

    What are you thinking about when you are on the rivet? Can you suffer and firmly lock your concentration on the wheel in front of you, or do negative thoughts emerge into your conscious stream of thought?

  • Tuesday October 5, 2004

    Do you want to improve your cycling strength and power this off season? How about developing those bulging quadriceps and calves that the opposite sex loves ‘oh so much? Well read on and plan on pumping some iron in the gym.

  • Tuesday August 31, 2004

    What does it take to win a 5 day National Road Calendar Professional Stage Race? 8,815 kiloJoules, a training stress score of 762 over the course of the 3 main road stages, and some serious power-to-weight output. Check out Will Frischkorn’s SRM for the scoop…

  • Tuesday April 20, 2004

    Can I get a “Hell Yeah” For Spring and daylight savings time?! Take your indoor trainer, perform the Bjarne Riis shot put toss with it (remember the Tour’s final TT in 1997?), and let’s get outside and down to biz-nass with some high intensity work...

  • Tuesday March 23, 2004

    If there was a nutritional supplement out there (there’s not) guaranteed to make you a faster cyclist, you’d take it right? What I’d like to present to you here, today, is a way that will transform you into a supa’ fast cyclist!

  • Monday February 2, 2004

    The 18th annual Tour of the Gila is only fourteen weeks away but there's plenty of time to start adjusting your training plan for a podium place. A well-designed plan starting now (or months ago) will address the physiological requirements of the race. We take a look at the specific stages through the eyes of Tool-Boxer Frank Overton and Navigator pro Burke Swindlehurst...

  • Monday December 22, 2003

    The Toolbox gang was not able to blackmail Pez into revealing his secret family recipe for the turkey stuffing that’s responsible for Mrs. Pez marrying him this past year. Instead, how about a holiday recipe for energy bars that will keep you going with good nutrition for a fraction of the cost of what’s available on the market?

  • Tuesday September 2, 2003

    For most cyclists (in the northern hemisphere!) the season is nearly over and a well deserved break from training and racing is in order. Quitting cold turkey and hanging the bike up completely is best. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to catch up on so much fun!

  • Thursday June 5, 2003

    This summer many of you will hop in a car or plane and travel to a big race. Maybe its Master Nationals, an NRC race, or just a kick ass event that is cool enough to warrant the trip. Big trips are big commitments and often times you've planned your entire season to "peak" for this particular race. You've built, you've tapered, but have you planned out the actual trip?

  • Thursday May 15, 2003

    Ahhh the Giro. You got the sprinters, the climbers, the domestiques, & the leadout men to name a few. Everyone has a specialty and they get paid to do what they do best. What do you do best on the bike?